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2 The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism Directorate General for Libraries and Publications

3 Turkish Publishers catalogue contains information on publishing houses and institutes which make up a large share of the publishing sector in Turkey and are all leaders in their respective fields. The aim of this catalogue is to provide you, in a structured manner, with the names of the publishing houses, their profiles, their field of activities, as well as the names and addresses of important contact persons. Relevant Statistics General Statistics Total Population (2013) (16.6% of the total population is at the age of the highest rate in Europe) Literacy rate 94.92% Publishing Sector Number of Publishers 1732 (Active ) Number of bookstores (appx.) Number of distributors (appx.) 150 Number of titles (according to 2013 ISBN data) Total Number of Books produced in Number of books per capita 7.1 Total volume of Turkish book market in USD Libraries Public libraries University libraries (2010) 320 Education Total Number of Schools Number of pre-primary schools Number of primary schools Number of lower-secondary schools Number of upper-secondary schools Number of Non-formal education institutions Universities 178 (105 funded by the state and 73 funded by private foundations) Total Number of students Number of students at pre-primary schools Number of students at primary schools Number of students at lowersecondary schools Number of students at uppersecondary schools Number of students at non-formal education institutions Number of students at universities TURKISH PUBLISHERS 3

4 Acar Bilgi Merkezi (ABM) Yayınevi Acar Informatıon Center (ABM) Publishers Address: Beysan Sanayi Sitesi, Birlik Caddesi No: 26 Acar Binası Haramidere/ Beylikdüzü/ İstanbul Tel: Fax: Web: www. abmyayinevi.com.tr ISBN Pub. No: About: Acar Group was founded in 1980 in Istanbul. As a group company, we give service under book printing and binding, publishing, stationery and leather goods fields. To get more information please visit www. acar-group.com. ABM Publishing is one of our company specialized on child books, historical novels, economy books and project books. Field of Activity: Educational books, main and supplementary resources for primary and secondary schools and universities. Also children s books. Contact: Publishing Coordinator: Çağla ACAR Ada Basım Yayın Dağıtım Ada Publishing Address: Ankara Caddesi No: 31/4-5 Cağaloğlu-Istanbul Tel: Fax: ISBN Pub. No: About: Ada Publishing was founded in It is a subsidiary of Kitapsan. It conducts its business activities under the Kare and Etik publishing brandmarks. The company has, altogether, published 350 books, 300 under the name of Kare publishing and 50 under the name of Etik publishing. Field of Activity: Educational books, main and supplementary resources for primary and secondary schools and universities. Also children s books. Contact: Owner: Ergün Söyümez 4 TURKISH PUBLISHERS

5 Aden Yayıncılık Aden Publishers Address: Alemdar Mah. Ticarethane Sok. No:59/1 Cağaloğlu - Fatih - İstanbul Tel: (pbx) Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: , , , About: Founded in 2005 and located in Istanbul. Aden has published over 70 books. Field of Activity: Turkish literature, children, world and Turkish classics. Contact: Serdar Çelik, Halil Çelik Agora Kitaplığı Agora Publishers Address: Kuloğlu Mahallesi Turnacıbaşı Caddesi No:54 Çukurcuma - Beyoğlu - Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded in 2003, Agora s publishing programme includes Turkish and world literature, cultural works, politics, feminist works, cinema. Nearly 300 titles have been published so far. Field of Activity: Turkish literature, world literature, politics, detective novels, cultural works, philosophy, feminist works, history, cinema, books of letters, photography, drama, travel guides. Contact: Editor: Osman Akınhay TURKISH PUBLISHERS 5

6 Akademi Yayın Akademi Publishing Address: Tunus Caddesi, No:19/ Kavaklıdere-Ankara Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded in 1996, Akademi is a publisher, importer and distributor. Akademi s basic policy is to encourage Turkey s lecturers and artists to publish their knowledge. Field of Activity: Its publishing programme includes titles in economics, science and engineering. Contact: Owner: Ahmet Deniz Akaşa Yayın Dağıtım Akaşa Publications Address: Lamartin Caddesi, No: 40 Asma Kat Taksim-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Akaşa Publications has been founded in It s publication purpose is, while the world entering a new age, to serve the rising of the plenetary consciousness, to help the searching humanity to understand it s existence purpose in the highest level, discover it s divine potentials, build a society which is in oneness, unconditional love, understanding and harmony. Field of Activity: Self knowledge, spiritual evolution, development of consciousness, enlightenment, ascension, new age philosophy; metaphysics, spiritual science; mysteries of the universe, the earth and the human, afterlife, galactic civilizations, angels, spiritual healing techniques, creative visualization, meditation, crystals, numerology, feng shui and UFO s. Contact: Owners and Managers: A. Ercüment Ayanbaşı, Semra Ayanbaşı 6 TURKISH PUBLISHERS

7 Akçağ Basım Yayım Pazarlama Akçağ Printing Publication Marketing Address: Tuna Caddesi, No: 8/1, Kızılay-Ankara Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Akçağ was founded in Ankara in It became a registered trademark of the Akçağ Printing Publication Marketing Incorporated Company in In the last 40 years Akçağ has published nearly 1000 titles. Field of Activity: Turkish literature, educational studies, Turkish language, Turkish cultural studies (for high schools), memoirs, biographies, contemporary world literature, dictionaries. Contact: Owner: Ahmet Hikmet Ünalmış Director: Oğuz Ünalmış, Editor: Ahmet Tülek Alef Yayınevi Alef Publishing House Address: Asmalımescit, Sofyalı Sokak, Paşa İş Hanı No:2 Kat:3 D:5, Beyoğlu-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Alef publishing house was founded in It has published more than 20 books of contemporary Turkish and world literature and key texts in the field of political and philosophical thought, as well as in the humanities. In 2007 it began publishing 3 magazines and children s literature. Field of Activity: Comtemporary Turkish and world literature, key political texts, philosophy, sociology, psychoanalisis, literary criticism, children s literature. Contact: Editor: Çiçek Kılıç TURKISH PUBLISHERS 7

8 Alfa Basım Yayım Dağıtım Alfa Publishing Distributions Address: Ticarethane Sokak, No: Cağaloğlu-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded in 1987, Bayrak Printing house was institutionalised in 1990 under the name of ALFA Publishing Distributions. ALFA wishes to become the biggest and leading publishing firm at national level and to be able to conduct business at an international level thanks to its modern outlook. Field of Activity: Computers, psychology, self-help, politics, sociology, philosophy, culture, literary, economics, business and management, finance, accounting, medicine and health, engineering, law, language, dictionaries, university text books and reference books. Contact: Director and Editor: Mustafa Küpüşoğlu Alioğlu Yayınevi Alioğlu Publishing House Address: Çatalçeşme Sokak, Üretmen İş Hanı No:29/11, Cağaloğlu-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded in 1978, Alioğlu publishing house has published more than 150 books for children and teenagers. Alioğlu s publishing list includes original stories and novels with special focus on Turkish cultural values. Field of Activity: Children s literature, poetry, novel, short story, history. Contact: Editor: Remzi Alioğlu 8 TURKISH PUBLISHERS

9 Altın Kitaplar Altın Kitaplar Publishing House Co., Inc. Address: Göztepe Mah. Kazım Karabekir Cad. 32 Mahmutbey Bağcılar-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded in 1959, Altın Kitaplar marks a very important milestone in the field of Turkish publishing, and will continue to contribute to Turkish literary life thanks to the works of many famous foreign and local authors. Field of Activity: Fiction, nonfiction. Y A Books, Illustrated Children s Books, Activity Books, School Text Books, Atlases, School Dictionaries and exclusive Publisher of Universal Langenscheidt Dictionaries. Contact: Board Member & Editor in Chief of Adult Books: Batu Bozkurt Board Member & Sales Director, Editor in Chief of School Text & Children s Books: Erden Heper Editor & Foreign Rightd Director:Oya Alpar Executive Editor: Anahtar Kitaplar Yayınevi Anahtar Kitaplar Publishing House Address: Çatalçeşme Sokak, No:54 Kat:2 D: Cağaloğlu-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Anahtar Kitaplar was founded by Mehmet Atay in 1991, and as its name in Turkish implies, it publishes key books on many different subjects. Field of Activity: Philosophy, politics and society, strategy, management, biography, research and analysis, dictionaries, memoirs, urban planning and the environment, nature and health. Contact: General Coordinator: Taylan Atay TURKISH PUBLISHERS 9

10 Anı Yayıncılık Anı Publishing Address: Kızılırmak Sokak, No:10/A Kızılay-Ankara Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: It was established in Ankara, 1993; has been active in academic publishing and IT for roughly 23 years with more than 450 titles so far. Field of Activity: Academic publishing, education, pre-school education, language literature, sociology, psychology, history, personal development, academic periodical publishing. Contact: Coordinator: Özer Daşcan April Yayıncılık April Publishing House Address: Tarık Zafer Tunaya Sokak Öniz Apt. 21/3 Beyoğlu /Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: The April Publishing House, a conglomerate based in Ankara and Istanbul, founded in Mainly interested and have published commercial novels and modern literature as well as modern Turkish literature. Field of Activity: Publishing fiction and non-fiction books. Contact: Manager: Ali Barbaros Solmaz Editor in Chief: Kemal Egemen İpek Editor and Foreign Rights Manager: Nazlı Berivan Ak 10 TURKISH PUBLISHERS

11 Aras Yayıncılık Aras Publishing Address: İstiklal Cad. Hıdivyal Palas, No:231/zemin Tünel Beyoğlu-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded in Istanbul in 1993, Aras soon came to be recognised as a window into Armenian literature and culture. With its Turkish and Armenian books, it has now established itself as one of the few publishing houses producing works in two languages. Field of Activity: Armenian literature, history and culture. Modern Armenian translations and Turkish works of contemporary Armenian authors. Contact: Editor: Paylina Tomasyan Arı Sanat Yayınevi Arı Sanat Publishing Address: Çatalçeşme Sokak, No:19/1 D.3 Cağaloğlu-Istanbul Tel: Fax: ISBN Pub. No: About: It began its publishing life with the slogan The source of national and moral culture in Besides holding high principles in all areas of its publishing activity, it also markets foreign rights. Field of Activity: Literature, philosophy, history, poetry, art, research, religion, education, memoirs, biography. Contact: Owner-Editor: Aydın Coşkun TURKISH PUBLISHERS 11

12 Arıtan Yayınevi Arıtan Publishing Address: Litros yolu 2. Matbaacılar Sitesi A Blok Kat. 6 No: 4NA6 Topkapı / Istanbul Tel: Fax: aritanyayinevi.com Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Arıtan Publishing celebrated 31st year in Field of Activity: Holistic Science, Popular Science, Selfdevelopment, Books of Aydın Arıtan, Erich Fromm, Brian Tracy, John C. Maxwell and Josef Kirschiner. Contact: Editor and Translator: Ayşegül Arıtan Arkadaş Yayıncılık Arkadaş Publishing Address: Yuva Mahallesi, Sokak No:4 Yenimahalle-Ankara Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded in 1980, Arkadaş is the only authorised publisher of Microsoft Press books in Turkey and authorised replicator for Microsoft software products. Arkadaş is among the leaders in the industry with more than 50 publishing houses worldwide and over 650 titles published. Field of Activity: Broad publishing programme including fiction and non-fiction titles as well as computer books, children books. Contact: General Manager: Cumhur Özdemir Publishing Editor: Zeynep Kopuzlu, Mine Çevik, A.Gazi Vural, Boğaç Erkan 12 TURKISH PUBLISHERS

13 Arkeoloji ve Sanat Yayınları Archeology & Art Publications Address: Hayriye Caddesi, Cezayir Sokak No:5/ Beyoğlu-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded in 1978, the primary goal of Archeology and Art Publications is to provide current, in-depth information on all aspects of Anatolian archeology, history and art. Field of Activity: Book and journal publishing, archeology, history, history of art, travel books, maps, coloring books for children, history of architecture and the Archeology and Art Magazine. Contact: Owner and Editor: M. Nezih Başgelen Artemis Yayınları Artemis Publications Address: Caferağa Mah. Moda Mektebi Sk. No.23/4 Körfez Apt. Moda Kadıköy / Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded in 2005, Artemis Publications is a leading brand which has published more than 600 books until now. Field of Activity: Historical fiction, historical romance, women s fiction, romantic comedy, crime, literary fiction, young adult books, children s books, fantasy novels, self-improvement books. Contact: Publishing Director: Ilgın Sönmez Toydemir TURKISH PUBLISHERS 13

14 Artı Yayın Dağıtım Artı Publication Distribution Address: Alemdar Mah. Çatalçeşme Sk. Çatalçeşme Han 25/2 Cağaloğlu / Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Artı Publication Distribution which began the publishing with Pozitif Publication in 2000 is founded in Beside Pozitif Publication, it has appeared in publishing area with Feniks Book which is founded Has published more than 100 books until now. Field of Activity: History, antologies, philosophy, politics, theatre, pedology, literature, crime, chick lit, historical romance, thriller. Contact: Owner: Dursun Çimen Atatürk Araştırma Merkezi Başkanlığı Atatürk Research Centre Presidency Address: Ziyabey Caddesi, No: Balgat-Ankara Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded as a state institution in 1983, The Presidency of the Atatürk Research Centre is a dependent body of the Atatürk Supreme Council for Culture, Language and History which aims at carrying out scholarly research. Field of Activity: The objectives of the Centre are promoting, disseminating and publishing Atatürk s concepts, principles and reforms, as well as conducting research in the areas of Turkish culture, history and language. Contact: President of Atatürk Research Centre: Prof. Dr. Cezmi Eraslan General Secretary: Mustafa Cöhce 14 TURKISH PUBLISHERS

15 Atatürk Kültür Merkezi Başkanlığı Atatürk Culture Centre Presidency Address: Ziyabey Caddesi, No: Balgat- Ankara Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded in 1983, the objective of the Atatürk Culture Centre is to conduct scientific studies and research which it disseminates and publishes under the direction of Atatürk s Principles and the Revolution and Atatürk s Ideas. Field of Activity: The Atatürk Culture Centre as an academic institution, with a scientific board of specialists, carries out activities such as publications, conferences, national and international knowledge fests and has published 200 books. Contact: President: Prof. Dr. Osman Horata General Secretary and Editor: İmran Baba Atp Araştırma Tanıtım Pazarlama Atp Publishing Address: İSTOÇ 16. Ada No:103 Mahmutköy-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded in 1995, its main focus is children s books and pre-school books. Field of Activity: Children s books, 0-14 ages. Contact: Coordinator: Davut Mülayim TURKISH PUBLISHERS 15

16 Avrupa Tıp Kitapçılık Europe Medical Bookshop & Publishing Address: Yeniköy Bağlar Mevkii Nuripaşa Caddesi No: 75/D Yeniköy-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Avrupa Tıp was founded in 1973, Avrupa Tıp has give stores in the biggest cities of Turkey, also Avrupa Tıp has more than 600 publications. Field of Activity: Turkish and foreign language medical scientific and general books & journals. Contact: President: Ömer Metinyurt Director: M. Özkan Metinyurt Aykırı Yayıncılık Aykırı Publishing Address: Fener Kalamış Cad. Sinan Apt. No:93/7 Fenerbahçe, Kadıköy-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded in 1998, Aykırı had published more than two hundred books by August Field of Activity: Both fiction and non-fiction, mainly history, research studies and biography. Contact: Owners: Nil Gün, Saim Koç Editor: Seyfi Öngider Coordinator: Gülşen Ülker 16 TURKISH PUBLISHERS

17 Ayrıntı Yayınları Ayrıntı Publishing Address: Cemal Nadir Sokak No:3 Eminönü-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded in 1987, Ayrıntı has published over 600 fiction and non-fiction books and issued series of literature, studies, history, crime fiction as well as intellectually challenging titles. Field of Activity: Fiction, non-fiction, history and children s books. Contact: Director: Hasan Basri Çıplak Babıali Kültür Yayıncılığı Babıali Culture Publishing Address: 29 Ekim Caddesi, No:23/ Yenibosna-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded 13 November 1999, Babıali Kültür Yayıncılığı started publishing books in June The quality of the work is the primary criteria for all of its activities. Field of Activity: History, education, memoirs, research, management, marketing, fiction, poetry, sports, science, religion and children. Contact: Chairman of the Board: Rahim Er Coordinator: Murat Tazegül TURKISH PUBLISHERS 17

18 Babil Yayınları Babil Publishing Address: Caferağa Mahallesi Muvakkithane Sokak No:1/A Kadıköy-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded under the authority of Seyhan Muzik Ltd. in 2000, Babil Yayınları has been publishing books for 11 years, including series and literature in most areas. Field of Activity: Mainly focussing on academic works and oral history, Babil Yayınları is interested in all fields of the social sciences and all areas of literature. Contact: Editor in Chief: Mehmet Altun Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi Yayınları Bahçeşehir University Publications Address: Çırağan Cad. Osmanpaşa Mektebi Sok. No:4-6, Beşiktaş-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded in 1998, Bahçeşehir University Publications publishes books in a wide variety of genres ranging from architecture to law, international relations to history and computer sciences to academic research. Field of Activity: Essays, studies, books on different topics such as international relations, history, web design, architecture, law, economics, research books which are written with academic perspective. Contact: On behalf of Uğur Publishing: Ömer Yücel General Manager: Erdal Çalış Assistant General Manager: Hande Alpay 18 TURKISH PUBLISHERS

19 Barış İlhan Yayınevi & Danışmanlık Barış İlhan Publishing Address: Av. Süreyya Ağaoğlu Sokak Ceren Apt. No:20/ Teşvikiye-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded in 1997 with the goal of introducing modern and psychological astrology. It also publishes related psychology books and has issued 80 books. Field of Activity: Astrology, psychology and books promoting spiritual growth, symbolism. Contact: Owner: Barış İlhan Basın Yayın Birliği Association of Press and Publishing Address: Binbirdirek Mah. Dostluk Yurdu Sk. Yeşil Apt. No:1 Kat:1 Daire:3 Sultanahmet / Fatih / Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: APP was founded in 1991 and has 200 members. Its aim is to encourage the Turkish population s interest in culture, art and literature. Field of Activity: Promoting the publishing profession, solving their members problems, working collectively with governmental and civil organisations; encouraging reading habits, fostering the Turkish population s interest in culture, art and literature. Contact: President: Münir Üstün Vice President: Mustafa Doğru, Melike Günyüz General Secretary: Alpaslan Durmuş TURKISH PUBLISHERS 19

20 Başarı Yayımcılık Başarı Publication Address: Mollafenari Sk. No:35/2 Cağaloğlu-Istanbul Tel: Fax: ISBN Pub. No: About: Started its publishing business in 1991 with Başarı journals, Başarı still prints school, reference and children s books. Field of Activity: School books, reference books and children s books. Contact: Director: Tekin Can Çetin Editor: Ayşe Çetin Başbakanlık Basın Yayın ve Enformasyon Genel Müdürlüğü Directorate General of Press & Information Address: Ceyhun Atıf Kansu Caddesi No:122 Balgat-Ankara Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded on June 7, 1920, under the directives of Atatürk and in conjunction with Law No. 6, the target of the Directorate General of Press and Informatıon is to promote public opinion at home and abroad in line with the best interests of the nation. Field of Activity: According to the annual programme, the Directorate General of Press and Information issues various publications which promote Turkey from every standpoint and distributes a selection of publications purchased from other institutions. Contact: General Director: Murat Karakaya Head of Press and Publications Department: Bahattin Akyön Director of the Publications Dep.: Cemal Yılmaz 20 TURKISH PUBLISHERS

21 Belge Uluslararası Yayıncılık Belge International Publication Address: Divanyolu Cad., 15/1 Sultanahmet-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Established in 1977, Belge International holds the principle of opposing any type of taboo. It has never given up its understanding of freedom of thought during the course of its 30 year long business life. Field of Activity: Politics, economics, philosophy and human rights. The Mare Nostrum series includes literary books that reflect our cosmopolitan lifestyles. Contact: Owner: Ragıp Zarakolu Editor: Deniz Zarakolu Bencekitap Yayınları Bencekitap Publishing Address: Selanik Caddesi 28/18 Kızılay/ Ankara- Turkey Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Bencekitap Publishing was founded in 2007, in Ankara. It has published over 130 fiction books since It mostly focuses on publishing literal novels, short stories and poetry. And by 2012, Bencekitap has started to publish prestigious translated books from contemporary world literature to bring qualified and valuable books in Turkish. Contact: Executive Editor: Ceyda Pırıl Köstem Editor: Didem Yıldırım TURKISH PUBLISHERS 21

22 Berfin Basın Yayın Berfin Publishing Address: Cağaloğlu Yokuşu, Evren Han No:29 Kat:3/62, Cağaloğlu-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: ; (Kora Yayın) About: Founded in 1992, Berfin Publishing, which advocates socialism and states education and awareness building as its mission, has published more than 450 books. Field of Activity: Cultural and fictional books, journal publication. Berfin/spring monthly journal. Contact: Owner and Publishing Director: İsmet Arslan Best Yayınevi Best Publishing Address: İstiklal Caddesi, No:178/1, Tünel Beyoğlu-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded in 1991, Best was a distributor of imported English Language Teaching books until In 2001, Best began printing English Language Teaching books in Turkey. Field of Activity: Educational books and dictionaries that are printed in Turkey and are therefore lower priced than imported books. Contact: Owner: Hüsnü Karanfil Directors: Hüsnü Karanfil, Hülya Karanfil Editor: John Dyson 22 TURKISH PUBLISHERS

23 Beta Basım Yayım Dağıtım Beta Publishing Address: Narlıbahçe Sokak No:11 Cağaloğlu-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: / betayayincilik.com ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded in 1983, Beta Publishing Co. is active in the publication of university school books and law books, professional and academic books. Field of Activity: University school books and law books, professional and academic books, books on marketing, accounting, management, engineering and communication. Contact: Owner: Seyhan Satar Beyan Yayınları Beyan Publishing Address: Ankara Caddesi, No:49/ Cağaloğlu-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded in 1982, Beyan publishes every kind of book and has so far published 480 titles. Field of Activity: Classical Turkish, world and Islamic books, children s books. Contact: Editor in Chief: Ali Kemal Temizer TURKISH PUBLISHERS 23

24 Beyaz Adam Kitabevi Beyaz Adam Publishing Address: Istanbul Caddesi, Hafız Çıkmazı No: Bakırköy-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded in 1979, Beyaz Adam served as a book store for many years and began publishing in Field of Activity: Literature, children s books, school books, including supplementary books, dictionaries and maps. Contact: Owner: Yervant Dink Editor: Yalçın Çiringel-Arat Dink Beyaz Balina Yayınları Beyaz Balina Publishers Address: Maltepe Mah. Davutpaşa Cad. No: 14 D: Zeytinburnu / İstanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Beyaz Balina Publishers was founded in The publishing house is concentrating on books for children and young adults, mostly on topics like adventure and science fiction. Some of the series among our publications are Ranger s Apprentice, Avatar, Beast Quest, Rotten School and Franklin. Contact: Foreign Rights Department: Aslı Onat, Dilara Anıl Özgen 24 TURKISH PUBLISHERS

25 Beyaz Yayınları Beyaz Publishing Address: Çatalçeşme Sokak No:46 Kat:2 Cağaloğlu-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Beyaz Publishing publishes self-help, child training and business books and has so far published approximately 200 books. Field of Activity: Self-help books, child training books, business books. Contact: Owner: Hidayet Pınarbaşı Editor: Sinan Köseoğlu Bilge Kültür Sanat Bilge Kültür Sanat Publishing Address: Nuruosmaniye Cad. Kardeşler Han, No:3 Kat:1, Cağaloğlu-Istanbul Tel: Fax: Web: ISBN Pub. No: About: Founded in 2000, Bilge Kültür Sanat has published nearly 300 titles so far in fiction as well as non-fiction. Field of Activity: Contemporary world literature, Turkish literature, classics, modern classics, detective novels, memoirs, reference books, children s books. Contact: Owner: Adnan Mecid Yüksel Editor in Chief: Nurten Hatırnaz TURKISH PUBLISHERS 25