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1 Mr. Stan s Compact Disk English Language Program STUDENT TEXTBOOK The fastest and best way to learn Conversational English and to have a great American English Accent!

2 Other Languages Available In Mr. Stan s English: This program is designed to be used in English only immersion classes. The purpose of the translated material is to eliminate the need to look words up in a bi-lingual dictionary which is time wasting and frustrating for the students. Because English Language Classes frequently have several different languages spoken by students in a single class, this program uses the same English text for every student in the class. Based on the 1000 most frequently used words in the English language, words are presented in-context in typical everyday conversational situations. The program is designed to be used like flash cards where spaced repetition enhances the student s ability to quickly lock words and phrases into long-term memory. This unique system is research based and has been scientifically shown to greatly speed English language learning. Used with the accompanying Computer Program & Audio CD the student also acquires the proper pronunciation right from the start. Students progress to conversational ability in as short a time as possible. Extensive classroom testing has proven this process to be the most effective strategy an English language teacher can use to help students learn English quickly and easily. Mr. Stan s English Language Program is available in: Arabic Hindi Punjabi Armenian Hmong Romanian Bulgarian Hungarian Russian Chinese Italian Spanish Czech Japanese Telugu English Korean Thai Farsi Mongolian Turkish French Nepalese Urdu German Polish & Hebrew Portuguese Vietnamese To Order Mr. Stan s English Language Program Call: (916) Or 2

3 Acknowledgment There are so many people to thank that to start with any name would be to risk forgetting one. All I can say is that this work was a joint effort of so many people over so many years that I can hardly be said to be its author. At most it is merely my framework modified by clearer thinkers than myself. But thanks must go to the teachers and colleagues who not only proofread and corrected my text but tested its veracity in the classroom with many, many students to document its validity. To my superiors in the administration who not only encouraged me but supported the introduction of the material into the classrooms, I can only offer my heartfelt thanks. Many others would not have looked so kindly upon new and novel material and teaching methodologies. The nearly uncountable number of students, and in some cases family members of students, who volunteered their time and efforts to translate the material and the many others whose critical review and confirmation of translated material ensured its accuracy and completeness were a joy to work with and to learn from. Lastly, my family who endured my near obsession with the minutest of details in the work not to mention the thousands of hours and expenses incurred along the way with their support and active encouragement at every turn in the road, I can scarcely begin to explain how much that love was felt and so very deeply appreciated. 3

4 Mr. Stan s English Language Program 602 Merlin Court Lincoln, CA (916) English/Turkish Version Copyright Stan Burmich 2011 All rights reserved Without limiting the rights under copyright reserved above, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise), without the prior written permission of the copyright author of this work. The scanning, uploading, and distribution of this work via the Internet or via any other means without the written permission of the author is illegal and punishable by law. Please purchase only authorized books and electronic editions and do not participate in or encourage electronic piracy of copyrightable materials. Your support of the author s rights is appreciated. 4

5 Table Of Contents Daily Dialogs Pages 8 to 87 Rhythms Pages 88 to 100 Setting A Goal Page 101 Conversation Starters Pages 102 to 128 Evaluating Your Accomplishments Page 129 Appendix 1. Messages For Your Teacher Page 130 Appendix 2. Reasons For Your Call Page 131 Appendix 3. Would You Repeat That Please Page 132 5

6 STUDENTS PLEASE... THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! English is a very different language from all other languages. Words are not always spelled the way they sound.... and some letters of the alphabet have several different sounds. Therefore, you must (absolutely must).... HEAR the word... SEE the word... and SAY the word OUT LOUD when you are studying English. LOOK LISTEN SPEAK 1. You must pronounce the words in a clear voice to get the proper English Accent! This is very important. Only with a recording that you can repeat, and repeat, and repeat again will you get the accent perfected. 2. This is why you must hear the words being spoken by a native English speaker and say them aloud yourself. It is impossible to read silently and learn to actually speak English with a good accent. 3. And finally you must look at the words on the printed page while both hearing and saying them out loud. This is the only way to learn how to spell the word. You will not be able to write English sentences unless you can spell the words correctly. Remember: 30 minutes a day, everyday, and you will achieve your goal! 6

7 ÖĞRENCİ BU BİLGİ ÖNEMLİDİR!!! İngilizce çok farklı bir dildir diğer dilerden kelimeleri her zaman sesli hecelemeye benziyor. Mektup alfebetine ayrı değişik bir sesle bu nedenle yaplışını yapmak çok önemlidir. Bak kelimelere ne zaman İngilizceyi okuduğunda yüksek sesle söylemelisin. BAK DİNLE KONUŞ 1. Yapmalısın İngilizce telafuzunu anlaşılır sesle hazırlamalısın İngilizce aksentini düzgün sesle bu çok önemlidir. Ve sadece teyiple tekrarla ve yine tekrarla asentin olacak mükemel. 2. Doğal İngilizceyi konuşman için konuş İngilizce konuşanla onlarla her zaman kendi başına konuşmaya çalış. Bu olanaksızdır İngilizceyi suskun yaparsan ve hiç bir zaman İngilizcen gelişmiyecek herzaman İngilizceyi dene İngilizce konuşanla ve İngilizcen mükemel olacak. 3. Bakmalısın basılan kağıda herzaman yüksek sesle konuşmalısın konuşma yolu budur. Sadece öğrenme yolu budur. Kelimeleri bir az heceliyebilirsen karşındaki o zaman seni rahatlıkla anlıyacaktır ve unutme hergün 30 dakki praktik yapmayı o zaman maksadına ulaşacaksın. 7

8 CARD #1 1. Hello. My name is. 2. What is your name? 3. Good afternoon. How are you? 4. I am fine, thank you. And you? 5. Nice to meet you. 6. Very nice to meet you too. 7. Where are you from? 8. I am from Sacramento. 9. How long have you been in the United States? 10.I have been here about four years. Past Present Future I was You were She was We were They were I am You are He/She is We are They are I will be You will be She will be We will be They will be 8

9 KART 1 1. Merhaba benim adım STAN 2. Ya sizinki? 3. Tunaydın. Nasılsın? 4. Ben iyiyim teşekür ederim ya siz? 5. Tanıştığımıza memnun oldum. 6. Bende çok memnun oldum. 7. Nerelisiniz? 8. Ben Sacramento luyum. 9. Ne zamandan beri Amerikadasınız? 10. Ben dört yıldır buradayım. GEÇMİŞ ZAMAN ŞİMDİKİ ZAMAN Ben gitmiştim Sen gitmiştin O gitmişti Biz gitmiştik Onlar gitmişlerdi Ben gidiyorum Sen gidiyorsun O gidiyor Biz gidiyoruz Onlar gidiyorlar GELECEK ZAMAN Ben gideceğim Sen gideceksin O gidecek Biz gideceğiz Onlar gidecekler

10 CARD #2 1. Do you speak English? 2. A little bit. But my sister speaks English very well. 3. My brother is learning German in school. 4. The best way to learn a language is to visit the country. 5. Did you study Spanish in college? 6. Do you like English or do you prefer Russian? 7. She does not speak Chinese. It is too hard. 8. It is a big advantage to speak a foreign language. 9. We practice English at home every day. 10.Do you want to speak English perfectly? Past Present Future (yesterday) (today) (tomorrow) I did You did She did We did They did I do You do He does We do They do I will do You will do It will do We will do They will do 10

11 KART 2 1. İngilizce konuşuyormusun? 2. Bir az fakat benim kız kardeşim çok güzel konuşuyor. 3. Benim erkek kardeşim öğreniyor Alman okulunda. 4. Dili öğrenmek için ülkeyi ziyaret edeceksin. 5. Sen İspanyolca yı kolejedemi çalıştın? 6. Sen İngilizceyimi tercih ediyorsun yoksa Rusçayımı? 7. O Çince konuşamaz çok zordur. 8. Çok büyük bir avantajdır yabancı dili konuşmak. 9. Biz her gün evde İngilizce praktık yapıyoruz. 10.Sen İngilizce mükemel konuşmak istermisin? GEÇMİŞ ZAMAN (DÜN) ŞİDİKİ ZAMAN (BUGÜN) Ben gittim Sen gittin O gitti Biz gittik Onlar gitti Ben giderim Sen gidersin O gider Biz gideriz Onlar gider GELECEK ZAMAN (YARIN) Ben gideceğim Sen gideceksin O gidecek Biz gideceğiz Onlar gidecekler

12 CARD #3 1. I have to go to the supermarket today. 2. Yesterday they had a sale on vegetables. 3. I really like fresh fruit. 4. She hopes they have some fish left. 5. They had some yesterday. 6. I know they will be out by tomorrow. 7. Do you have the time? 8. Yes. It is 6: I have to go to English class at 7: She has worked too hard today. Yesterday Today I had You had She had We had They had I have You have He/She has We have They have Tomorrow I will have You will have She will have We will have They will have 12

13 KART.3 1. Ben bugün süper market te gitmeliyim. 2. Dun onlar sattılar sebzeleri. 3. Ben gerçekten taze meyvalardan hoşlanıyorum. 4. O umuyorki onlar bazı balıkları bırakmışlar. 5. Dün onlarda vardı bazı. 6. Ben biliyorum onlar yarın dışarda olacaklar. 7. Saatiniz varmi? 8. Evet. 6: Ben gitmeliyim İngiliz okuluna saat 7 de. 10.Onda bugün çok zor iş var. Dun Bende vardı Sende vardı Onda vardı Bizde vardı Onlarda vardı Bugün Bende var Sende var Onda var Bizde var Onlarda var Yarın Bende olacak Sende olacak Onda olacak Bizde olacak Onlarda olacak

14 CARD #4 1. My sister lives in a big apartment building. 2. She goes to work on the bus. 3. I live in a small house. 4. I go to school in my old car. 5. My wife went to work on a bicycle. 6. She will ride her bicycle in the big race. 7. My house has three bathrooms. 8. We need to do more work around the house. 9. Do you have any money? 10.I don t have enough to fix my house. Yesterday (past) Today (present) Tomorrow (future) I went You went She went We went They went I go You go She goes We go They go I will go You will go He will go We will go They will go 14

15 KART.4 1. Ben kız kardeşim yaşıyor büyük bir apartmanda. 2. O gidiyor iş e otubüsle. 3. Bende küçük bir evde yaşıyorum. 4. Ben eski arabamla iş e gidiyorum. 5. Benim eşim işe bisikletle gider. 6. O yarışmada bisiklet sürecek. 7. Bemim evimin üç banyosu var. 8. Bizim evin yakında bir işe daha ihtiyacımız var. 9. Hiç paran varmı? 10. Benim evin tahmiri için yeterli param yok. Dun (geçmiş) Ben gittim Sen gittin O gitti Biz gittik Onlar gitti Bugün (şimdi) Ben gidiyorum Sen gidiyorsun O gidiyor Biz gidiyoruz Onlar gidiyorlar yarın (gelecek) Ben gideceğim Sen gideceksin O gidecek Biz gideceğiz Onlar gidecekler

16 CARD #5 1. Good afternoon. How are you doing? 2. Not too bad. I have some homework this evening. 3. I have an English class tomorrow morning. 4. What time do you have to get up? 5. Well, I leave home about 7: When will you get back? 7. I don t know.... sometime after noon. 8. Would you like to have dinner together? 9. I m sorry. I can t. I ve made other plans. 10.Oh! That s too bad. Maybe another time. Past Present Future (regular) Talked Walked Wanted Talk Walk Want Will Talk Will Walk Will Want (irregular) Went Got Left Go Get Leave Will Go Will Get Will Leave 16

17 KART Tunaydın nasılsın? 2. Fena değil. Benim bu akşam bazı ödevlerim var. 3. Ben yarın sabah İngilice okuluna gitmeliyim. 4. Nezaman uyanıyorsun.. 5. Hııımmm. Ben evden ortalama 7: 30 da ayrılıyorum. 6. Nezaman geri gelecen. 7. Bilmiyorum... bazen öğleden sonra. 8. İstiyormusun akşam yemeğene beraber gidelim? 9. Üzgünüm. Yapamam. Bein başka bir planım var? 10.Hııımm. Çok kütü belki başka zaman. Geçmiş (Düzenli) konuştum yürüdüm istedim (Düzensiz) Gittim Aldım Ayrıldım Şimdi Gelecek. konuş yürürüm isterim konuşacağım yürüyeceğim istiyeceğim giderim Alırım Ayrılırım gideceğim Alacağım Ayrılacağım

18 CARD #6 1. Yesterday I walked for three miles. 2. Tomorrow I will walk to the store. 3. Do you walk a lot? 4. Not really. I don t have the time. 5. What do you do? 6. I study English at night and work during the day. 7. What kind of work do you do? 8. I work in construction, building offices. 9. That must be very difficult work. 10.It is, but it is also very rewarding. Yesterday Today Tomorrow Studied Watched Called Visited Study Watch Call Visit Will Study Will Watch Will Call Will Visit Teach Will Teach (but irregular) Taught 18

19 KART.6 1. Ben dun üç mile yürüdüm. 2. Yarın Ben dukkana yürüyecğim. 3. Çok mu yürüyorsun? 4. Yok gerçekten Benim zaman yok. 5. Ne yapıyorsun? 6. Bütün gün çalışırım akşamda İgilizce çalışırım. 7. Ne iş yapıyorsun? 8. Ben inşaat ofisinde çalışırım. 9. Çok zor bir iştir. 10.Fakat çok karlı bir iştir. Dun Çalıştım İzledim Aradım Görüştum (fakat düzensiz) Öğrettim Bugün Çalışırım İzlerim Ararım Görüşüruz Öğretirim Yarın Çalışacağım İzliyeceğim Arıyacağım Görüşeceğiz Öğreteceğim

20 CARD #7 1. Hi. This is my sister. 2. Oh. Hello. What is her name? 3. Her name is Anna. She s nineteen years old. 4. Is she living with you now in Sacramento? 5. No. She is living with my brother. 6. I didn t know you had a brother. 7. Sure. I have two brothers and two sisters. 8. You have two of everything. Two cars, two jobs, and two sisters. 9. Well, you can t have too much of some things. 10.Right. Like chocolate and cash. PLURALS... (one) Brother Sister Window Class add s or es (more than one) Brothers Sisters Windows Classes IRREGULAR Child Man Woman Mouse Children Men Women Mice 20

21 KART Merhaba. Bu benim kız kardeşim. 2. Oh. Merhaba. Onun ismi ne? 3. İsmi Anna. O 19 yaşında. 4. O şimdi senle Sacramento damı yaşıyor? 5. Hayır. O erkek kardeşimle yaşıyor. 6. Senin erkek kardeşin olduğunu bilmiyordum. 7. Kesinlikle. Benim iki erkek ikide kız kardeşim var. 8. Sende herşey çiftir. İki araba iki iş ve ikide kız kardeş. 9. İyi, sende herşey çok olmamalı. 10. Doğru. Tıpkı çikolataya keş öder gibi. Birden fazla...add or es (Bir) Erkek kardeş Kız kardeş Pencere Sınıf Düzensizler Çocuk Adam Kadın Fare (Birden fazla) E... kardeşler K...kardeşler Pencereler Sınıflar Çocuklar Adamlar Kadınlar Fareler

22 CARD #8 1. I heard you just got married. 2. When was the wedding? 3. Last Sunday at St. Paul s Church. 4. It must have been a beautiful ceremony. 5. Oh. It was. The music was terrific. 6. I m sure that Mike will be a good husband. 7. What kind of work does he do? 8. He works for the Sheriff s Department. 9. Is he working days or nights? 10.He just changed to nights. It pays better. From Sunrise to 12:00 noon Good Morning From 12:00 noon until Sunset Good Afternoon Then Good Evening.....coming! Good Night leaving! or going to bed! 22

23 KART Duydum göre evlendin. 2. Düyün nezaman oldu? 3. Geçen Pazar St. Paul lun Kilisesinede. 4. Muhteşem bir tören olamalı 5. Oh. Evet müzik harikaydı. 6. Eminiki Mike çok güzel bir koca olacak. 7. O ne tür bir iş yapıyor? 8. O çalışıyor kömiser departmanda. 9. Gecemi çalışıyor yoksa gündüzmü? 10.O değiştirdi sadece geceye. Gece çok güzel ödüyor. Sabahtan öğleye kadar Gunaydın Öğleden güneş batana kadar Tunaydın Sonra Yatağa. İyi Akşamlar...geliyor İyi geceler...ayrılıyor yoksa gidıyor

24 CARD #9 1. Hello. Welcome to Joe s Restaurant. 2. My name is Todd and I ll be your server. 3. Our specials tonight are salmon and prime rib. 4. What would you recommend? 5. Well, they are both very good. 6. OK. I ll have the prime rib with baked potato. 7. Would you like soup or salad? 8. I ll have the salad with oil and vinegar. 9. What is the soup today? 10.We have French onion or vegetable beef. DESSERT Would you like coffee with dessert? Yes. I d like some coffee. Do you take cream and sugar? No. Just black. 24

25 KART Merhaba. Joe s restauranta hoş geldiniz. 2. Benim adım Todd servisinize yardımcı olacağım. 3. Özel menumuzda bu akşam salamon ve pirzola bulunmaktadır. 4. Ne tercih ederdiniz? 5. İyi, ikiside çok lezetlidir. 6. Tamam. Ben bir pirzola bir de pişmiş patetez alayım. 7. Çorba yada salata istermisin? 8. Ben bir sirkeyle yağlı bir salata alayım. 9. Bugün çorba çeşitlerinde ne var? 10. Sebzeli ve dana etinden birde bol soğanlı Fransız çorbası bulunmaktadır Tatlılar Tatlı yada kahve istermisin? Evet Ben biraz kahve alayım. Kırema yada şeker istermisiniz? Hayır sade olsun.

26 CARD #10 1. How are you feeling today? 2. Not too good. I ve been sick all week. 3. Have you gone to the doctor? 4. No. Not yet. I have an appointment tomorrow at 3:00 o clock. 5. Have you taken any medicine? 6. I don t really like to take pills. 7. Aspirin may help. You should try it. 8. OK. I ll take some tonight before going to bed. 9. Well, I hope you feel better soon. 10.I m sure I ll be fine. On The Telephone: Hello. Can I make an appointment for tomorrow afternoon? (doctor or dentist) Hello. Can I make a reservation for tonight around 8:00 p.m. (restaurant or theater) 26

27 KART Kendini nasıl his ediyorsun? 2. Çok iyi değil. Bütün hafta hastaydım. 3. Doktora gittinizmi? 4. Hayır. Henüz değil. Ben rendevu yaptım yarın saat 3: 00 de 5. Her hangi bir ilaç aldınmı? 6. Ben hapları almaktan hoşlanmıyorum. 7. Aspirin yardım edebilir. Denemelisin 8. Tamam. Yatağa gitmeden önce alacağım. 9. İyi, umarım yakında daha iyi olacaksın. 10.Umarım iyi olacam. Telefonda: Merhaba. Yarın öğleden sonra için radevu yapabilirmiyim? (Doktor ve dişçi) Merhaba. Bu akşam için reservasyon yapabilirmiyim saat 8:00 de (restaurant ve tiyatro)

28 CARD #11 1. I need some new clothes for work. 2. My husband says it s not in the budget. 3. We can t charge it on a credit card. 4. The interest on credit cards is too high. 5. If we watch our budget maybe we can save some money for Christmas. 6. How much money are you saving for retirement? 7. First we need to save for the children s college tuition. 8. Well, they can always work part time. 9. We are hoping for a soccer scholarship. 10.Better to save. You can t depend on luck. At the Bank: Can I open an account? Sure. Savings or Checking? Actually, I need both. And do you sell CD s? Of course. We can even help you with an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). 28

29 KART İş için yeni elbiseye ihtiyacım var. 2. Kocam diyorki bütçemiz müsait değil. 3. Biz kredi kartına yüklenemeyiz. 4. İlginçtir kredi kartları çok yüksek olurlar. 5. Bürçemize bakılırsa belki yılbaşı için bir az para biriktirmeliyiz. 6. Emeklilik için ne kadar para biriktirdin? 7. İlk biz çocukların koleji için biriktirmeliyiz. 8. İyi, onlar sürekli part time çalışıyorlar. 9. Biz umuyoruz footbul için burs. 10.Daha iyi biriktirmek. İşini şansa bırakmaman lazım. Bankadan Hesap aça bilirmiyim? Tabiki vadelimi yoksa vadesizmi? Gerçekten. İkisinede ihtiyacım var depozıt bırakıyormusun? Tabiki Bizim sana düzenli yardım edebilir bireysel emeklilik hesabımız var (BEH)

30 CARD #12 1. John, let me introduce you to my friend Bill. 2. John Smith, this is my friend Bill Adams. 3. Bill plays soccer for the Sacramento Knights. 4. Nice to meet you Bill. I m a big fan. 5. Oh. Do you like soccer? 6. I love soccer, but I played basketball in high school. 7. Did you guys win your game tonight? 8. No. We lost, but we beat Dallas yesterday. 9. They won the championship last year, didn t they? 10.Yes. But we will win it this year. Past (last year) Present (right now) Future (next year) I won/lost You won/lost He won/lost We won/lost They won/lost I win/lose You win/lose She wins/loses We win/lose They win/lose I will win/will lose You will win/will lose He will win/will lose We will win/will lose They will win/will lose 30

31 KART Can izin verde sana arkadaşım Bill tanıştırayım. 2. Can simit bu benim arkadaşım Bill Adıms. 3. Bil Sacramento Knights ta footbol oynar. 4. Tanıştığımıza memnun oldum Bill. Ben büyük bir fanatiğim. 5. Oh footbol severmisin? 6. Çok seviyorum, fakat ben lisede basketbol oynadım. 7. Sence çocuklar kazandımı bu akşam? 8. Hayır. Biz kaybettik fakat dün Dallası yendik. 9. Onlar geçen senin şampiyonuydu onlar mı? 10.Evet. Fakat biz kazanacağız bu sene. Geçmiş (geçen sene) kazandım kaybettim kazandın kaybettin O kazandı kaybetti Biz kazandık kaybettik Onlar kazandılar kaybetle Şimdi (hemen şimdi) kazanıyorum kaybediyorum kazanıyorsun kaybediyorusun O kazanıyor kaybediyor biz kazanırız kaybederiz onlar kazanıyorlar kaybedıyo Gelecek (gelecek sene) kazanacağım kaybedeceğim kazanacaksın kaybedeceksın O kazanacak kaybedecek O kazanacak kaybedecek onlar kazanacaklar kaybedec

32 CARD #13 1. Good evening. It sure is a nice night, isn t it? 2. Yes it is. The weather was great today. 3. Very warm days. Last year it was very cold by this time. 4. Does it ever snow here in winter? 5. No, but it rains a lot. Almost every day. 6. It never rains in Sacramento during the summer. 7. But you have snow in the mountains, don t you? 8. Oh, yes, and the skiing is terrific. 9. You should see the beautiful sunsets in the mountains. 10.I would like to go there on vacation. The Weather It was raining cats and dogs today. It sure was nice out yesterday. I hope the weather is good this weekend for our picnic. It will probably snow and be foggy all day. 32

33 KART İyi akşamlar. Güzel bir gece değilmi? 2. Evet. Güzel. Hava mükemeldi bugün. 3. Çok serin gunler. Geçen sene bu zamana göre çok soğuktu. 4. Hiç kar yağarmı buralara? 5. Hayır. Fakat yağmur çok yağar. Hemen hemen her gün. 6. Yazın Sacramento da yağmur asla yağmaz. 7. Fakat kar var dağlarda değilmi? 8. Oh, evet, kaymak muhteşemdir. 9. Sen gerçekten güneşin batışını dağlarda görmelisin. 10. Ben tatilimde oraya gitmek isterim. Hava Yağmurluydu bugün kediler ve köpekler yağmurdaydı. Eminimki dişarısı hoştu dun. Umarım hafta sonu hava güzel olacak bizim pikniğimiz için. Galiba kar ve sisli olacak bütün gün.

34 CARD #14 1. In America don t forget to say Thank You and Please. 2. Thank you very much. That s very nice of you. 3. Could you please pass the salt and pepper? 4. Would you help me please? How do I get to the airport? 5. Excuse me. Is this seat taken? 6. I m very sorry, but I m saving it for my husband. 7. Oh, that s OK. I ll find another one. Thank you anyway. 8. Pardon me. Could you repeat that please? 9. I m sorry, I didn t hear you. 10.Oh, that doesn t matter. I m sure you didn t do it on purpose. YOU CAN T BE POLITE ALL THE TIME!!! Listen. I don t want any! Go away! You need to get lost and leave me alone. Shut up and sit down! You are really getting on my nerves. 34

35 KART Amerikada unutma teşekür ve rica etmeği. 2. Çok teşekür ederim. Şu çok hoş senin için. 3. Tuz ve biber i uzatabilirmisin lütfen. 4. Bana yardım edebilirmisin? Havalimanına nasıl gidebilirim? 5. Af edersiniz. Bu koltuk boşmu? 6. Çok üzgünüm. fakat bu benim kocam için 7. Oh pekala. Ben başka birini bulacağım. Teşekür ederim herneyse. 8. Pardon. Bunu tekrarlıya bilirmisin lütfen? 9. Afedersin, sizi duyamadım. 10.Oh önemli değil. Eminimki siz yapmadınız. Her zaman kibar olmalısın!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dinle. Başka bir şey istemem git lütfen. Kaybol beni yanlız bırak. Kes sesini yada otur!! Sen gerçekten sinirlendiriyorsun beni.

36 CARD #15 1. Excuse me. Could you tell me which bus I take to get downtown, please? 2. Sure. You need to take the Madison Avenue bus east and change at Watt. 3. Does the Watt Avenue bus run north and south? 4. Yes. And the bus south goes all the way. 5. Is it very far from here? 6. Yes. It is too far to walk. 7. But there is a train station very close. 8. Oh. Can I take the train instead of the bus? 9. Sure. It s faster and you don t have to change. 10.I didn t know they had a direct line downtown. Thank you very much. Asking for Directions: Excuse me. Which way is the post office? Straight ahead to the stop sign and then turn right. You can t miss it. It s the big building on the right hand side. The one across the street from the mall? Yes. That s it. Thank you very much. Don t mention it. 36

37 KART Afedersin. Bana söylermisin hangi otobüs şehir merkezine gidiyor? 2. Tabiki. Binmelisin değiştirecen watt ta Madison Avenue otobüsüne doğuya.sonra 3. Watt Avenue otobüsü kuzeye mi gider yoksa güneyemi? 4. Evet. Bütün güney e gider. 5. O buradan çok mu uzak? 6. Evet. Yürümek için çok uzak. 7. Fakat tren istasyonu çok yakın. 8. Oh. Ben otobüsün yerine trene binebilirmiyim. 9. Kesinlikle. Çok hızlı ve değiştirme yok. 10.Ben bilmiyorum onlar direk şehir merkizine. Çok teşekür ederim. Addres sormak Afedersin. Hangi yol postaya gider? Düz gidin stop tabellasına kadar sonra sağa dönun. Yetişmeden. Büyük bir bina sağınızda. Alışveriş cadesinin karşısındamı? Evet. Orası teşekür ederim birşeydeğil.

38 CARD #16 1. Pardon me. Do you have change for a dollar? 2. Is four quarters OK? I don t have anything smaller. 3. No. I need a dime for the telephone. 4. You can always call collect. 5. Yes. But it costs a lot more. 6. Maybe there is a change machine in the bank. 7. The coke machine takes coins or dollar bills. 8. Do you have enough money for the parking meter? 9. Do you have time to go to the store today? 10.I have a lot of studying to do for English class. Money Matters Do you have two dimes and a nickel for a quarter? Do you have anything smaller than a twenty? Don t forget to add 15% to the bill for the tip. 38

39 KART Pardon. Bozuk paranız varmı? 2. Dört çeyrek için tamam. Bende daha küçük yok. 3. Hayır. Bana 10 cent lazım telefon için. 4. Her zaman biriktirmelisin. 5. Evet. Fakat bu fiyatlar daha çok. 6. Galiba para bozma makinası bankada var. 7. Kola makinası demir ve kağıt paraları alır. 8. Park yapmak için yeterli paran varmı? 9. Bugün zamanın varmı mağazaya gitmek? 10.Ben çok çalışmalıyım İngilizce okulu için. Para çeşitleri Sende varmı bozuk iki on birde beş çeyrek için? Sende yermiden daha küçük varmı? Unutma 15% bahşiş için:

40 CARD #17 1. It s almost time for dinner. 2. Could you help me set the table? 3. OK. How many plates should I set? 4. Let s see. We will need six. Uncle Jim is coming. 5. Mom. Where do I put the fork, knife and spoon? 6. Here, let me show you. There, like that. 7. Thanks. What are we having for dinner tonight? 8. We are having roast beef with mashed potatoes and gravy. 9. Umm. That sounds good. What about dessert? 10.Your father s favorite, chocolate cake with raspberries. Dinnertime in America Dinner is ready! Everybody come to the table. Did you remember to wash your hands? Please wait until our guests are served. Don t forget to ask your father to be excused from the table after dinner. 40

41 KART Tam akşam yemeği zamanı. 2. Servis için bana yardım edebilirmisin? 3. Tamam. Kaç tabak servis etmeliyim? 4. Bakalım. Biz altı kişiyiz. Jim amca geliyormu? 5. Anne. Çatal bıçak ve kaşıkları nereye koyacam? 6. Bura, izin verde sana göstereyim oradakiler gibi. 7. Teşekürler. Akaş yemeği için neyimiz var? 8. Bizim rosto et ile patetes puresi ve sos var. 9. ohhh. Bu ses çok hoş tatlılarda ne var? 10. Babanın özel çikolatlı kek ile ahudud var. Amerikada akşam yemeği Yemek hazır! Herkes masaya buyursun. Elinizi yakadınızmı? Lütfen bekleyin misafirlerimiz yemeklerini alana kadar. Unutma babana sormayı masada ve yemek ten sonra kibar olmayı.

42 CARD #18 1. Where are we going for vacation this year? 2. Well, we could go to the mountains again. 3. No. We ve done that three years in a row. 4. OK. How about going to the beach this time. 5. Great. We should go to Big Sur or Carmel-by-the-Sea. 6. That would be lovely this time of year. 7. It s hard to beat sea, surf, and sand. 8. Don t forget about sunshine. Do you think it will rain? 9. I don t care. There are lots of things to do even if it does rain. 10.Sure. We can build a fire in the fireplace and enjoy some classical music. Vacations are Wonderful Did you remember to bring your swimsuit? It s fun to take a walk on the beach. We love to swim in the ocean. And the seafood is delicious in the restaurant. What do you like to do on vacation besides sleep? 42

43 KART Bu yıl tatil için nereye gidiyoruz? 2. Hımm. Biz tekrar dağlara gidebiliriz. 3. Hayır. Biz sıramızı uç yıldır yaptık. 4. Tamam. Bu zamanda sahile gidilir. 5. Harika. Biz gitmeliyiz şuyle büyük bir sahile denizin yanına. 6. Bu sene için çok hoş olacak. 7. Çok zor denize dalmak ve surf kum. 8. Unutma güneş lenmeyi sence yağmur yağarmı? 9. İstemem. Orda çok şey var yapmak yağmur yağdığında. 10. Elbette. Biz yakacağız şöminemizi ve keyifli bazı klasik müzik. Tatiller harika olur. Mayonu getirirmeyi unuttunmu? Shilde yürümek eğlenceli olur. Biz sevyoruz okuyanusta yüzmeği. Ve deniz yemekleri lezetlidir restaurant ta. Tatilde uykunun yanında ne yapmaktan hoşlanırsın?

44 CARD #19 1. We need to clean the house. 2. Yes. My friends are coming this weekend. 3. Suzy, you can wash the dishes and your brother can dry them. 4. I will vacuum the carpet. 5. When your father gets home he can clean out the garage. 6. Who wants to dust the furniture? 7. Put those papers in the trashcan. 8. OK. I will take out the garbage. 9. Don t forget to put your clothes away. 10.You can do the laundry tomorrow. Getting Ready For A Party We are going to need some drinks. Yes. And some snack food like potato chips and pretzels. Did you bring your CD s for the music? Sure. And I brought some balloons for the kids to play with. 44

45 KART Evi temizlemeliyiz: 2. Evet. Bu hafta sonu arkadaşlarım geliyor. 3. Suzy, sen bulaşıkları yıka kardeşinde kurulasın. 4. Ben halıyı süpürecem. 5. Baban eve geldiğinde garajın dışını temizlesin. 6. Mobilyaların tozunu almayı kim ister? 7. Şu kağıtları çöpe atın. 8. Tamam. Ben çöp dışarı alacağım. 9. Unutma çamaşırların uzağına 10. Çamaşırhaneyi yarın yapabilirsin. Herşey hazır parti için. Biz gidiyoruz bazı içicekleri almaya. Evet. Ve bazı hafif yemekler öreneğin patetez cips ve kraker., Müzik için cd leri getirdinmi? Tabiki. Ve ben getirdim bir azda balon çocuklar için.oynasınlar.

46 CARD #20 1. Hello, Maria. Thank you for coming to my party. 2. Thank you for inviting me. Your house is really lovely. 3. Have you met my husband, Fred? 4. Nice to finally meet you Maria. My wife has told me so much about you. 5. Can I offer you something to drink? 6. A glass of white wine would be nice. 7. Help yourself to the food. 8. Oh. It all looks delicious. What is this? 9. That is a vegetable dip for the chips. 10.Let me introduce you to some of our other guests. At The Party Hi. My name is Jerry. Would you like to dance? OK. I really like this Latin salsa music, don t you? Yes. It s great. But it s hard to talk. The music is a little bit too loud. Let s take our drinks outside where we can talk and get some fresh air. 46

47 KART Merhaba. Marıa partime geldiğin için teşekür ederim. 2. Teşeküredrim beni davet etiğin için. Eviniz çok hoş. 3. Benim kocam fred le tanıştınızmı? 4. Nihayet tanıştığımaza memnun oldum Maria. Benim eşim sizden çok bahsetmişti. 5. Size bazı içecekler ikram edebilirmiyim? 6. Bir kadeh şarab iyi gelir. 7. Kendinize yemek alabilirsiniz. 8. Oh. Hepside çok hoş görünüyorlar. Nedir bu? 9. Bu sebze sosu cips için. 10. İzin verde sana bazı misafirlerimizi tanıştırayım. Partide Merhaba. Benim adım Jerry. Dans etmek istermisin? Ben gerçekten latin salsadan hoşlanıyorum ya siz? Evet. Harika. Fakat onu konuşmak çok zor Müzik sesi bir az yüksek. İçeceklerimizi dışarıya alalım biz nerede bir az konuşalım ve bir azda temiz hava alalım.

48 CARD #21 1. Are you studying English in school? 2. Yes. I'm taking night classes three times a week. 3. Can you learn English just by going to three classes a week? 4. Not really. I have to practice at home every day too. 5. How much homework do you have? 6. It's not that much. We have cards that you read aloud. 7. By reading them out loud it helps perfect my English accent. 8. We also read stories out loud to build vocabulary. 9. Why do you always say the words aloud? 10.Because it trains the muscles and tongue to say the words properly. Studying English at Home To learn a foreign language you must practice at home everyday. It is better to practice twenty minutes every day than to study longer but skip days. I always go to every class. I never miss a day of practice. My English is getting better and better. 48

49 KART Sen okulda İngilizce çalışıyormusun? 2. Evet. Ben hafta üç gün gece okuluna gidiyorum. 3. İngilizce öğrenebiliyormusun yoksa sadece haftada üç gün okulamı gidiyorsun? 4. öyle değil. Ben evde herğün çok praktik yapıyorum. 5. Ne kadar ev ödevin var? 6. Çok değil. Bizde var kart yüksek sesle okuyorsun. 7. Onları yüksek sesle okuduğun zaman İngilizce aksentime yardımcı oluyorlar. 8. Biz ayrıca üykülari yüksek sesle okuyoruz ve kelime haznemizi geliştiriyoruz. 9. Niçin sen her zaman kelimeleri yüksek sesle söyluyorsun? 10.Çünkü dilimizi düzgün bir şeklinde geliştirmek için. Çalış İngilizceyi evde. Yabancı dili öğrenmek için mutlaka her gün evde praktik yapmalısın. Daha iyi olur hergün yermi dakkika praktik sonra çalış uzunca fakat atla günleri. Ben her zaman bütün sınıflara gidrim. Ben asla praktik günleri geçersizlik yapmam. Benim İngilizcem oluyor iyi ve daha iyi.

50 CARD #22 1. How was your grandmother's birthday party? 2. It was very nice. I baked her a chocolate cake. 3. This year I had to help her blow out the candles. 4. Did she get very many gifts? 5. Oh, did she ever. All my aunts, uncles, and cousins were there. 6. What did your mother and father buy her? 7. They bought her a very nice present. They gave her a photo album of all her children and grandchildren. 8. You should have seen her smile when I took her picture. 9. Did everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to her? 10.Yes. And then she cut the cake and opened the birthday cards. Getting a Present Oh! This package is beautiful. I wonder what it could be? Wow! This is terrific. Just what I always wanted. How did you know what size to buy? It fits perfectly. You shouldn't have spent so much money on my gift. How can I ever thank you? 50

51 KART Ninenin doğum günü partisi nasıldı? 2. Çok güzeldi. Ben ona çikolatalı kek pişirdim. 3. Bu sene ben ona mumları üflemeye yardım ettim. 4. O çok hediye aldımı? 5. Oh, herzamanki gibi. Bütün yengelerim amcalarım kuzenlerim oradaydılar. 6. Senin annen baban ne aldılar ona? 7. Onlar aldılar ona çok hoş hediye. Onlar verdiler ona fotograf albümü bütün çocukları ve torunları için. 8. Fotograflarını çekerken görmeliydin onun gülümsemesini. 9. Herkes söyledimi doğum günün kutlu olsun? 10.Evet. Sonra kesti pastayı ve doğum günü kartları açtı. Hediyeleri almak Oh bu ne hoş bir paket. Merak ediyorum ne olabilir? Ohhh! Bu harika. Yanlız ne herzaman istediğim gibi. Sen nasıl biliyordum benim bedemi. Bu üstüme tam oldu harika. Siz çok para ödemişsiniz benim hedyelerim için. Size nasıl teşekür etsem bilemem.

52 CARD #23 1. What did you do today? 2. Well, let's see. I got up very early this morning. 3. I had a job interview and I didn't want to be late. 4. I brushed my teeth, took a shower, and got dressed. 5. Did you wear a suit and tie to the meeting? 6. Yes. And I took my briefcase and a pen and paper in case I needed to take notes. 7. Was the interview completely in English? 8. Completely! I think I did very well actually. 9. It really helped to practice introductions and meetings in my English class. 10.Do you think you got the job? The Job Interview I've heard a lot of good things about your company. Everybody says you have the best products on the market today. I'm really very interested in the opening. what you are looking for? Can you tell me more about How soon would you want me to start? My present company has been very good to me and I would like to give them at least two weeks notice. 52

53 KART Bu gün ne yaptın? 2. İyi, baklım. Ben bu sabah çok erken kalktım. 3. İş görüşmem vardı. Ve ben istedimki geç kalmamayı. 4. Dişlerimi fırçaladım, bir düş aldım, giyindim. 5. Mitingde takım elbise kıravatmı giydin? 6. Evet. Ve aldım evrak çantımı kelem ve kağıt çantanın içine. notları almaya ihtiyacım vardı 7. İş görüşmen komple İngilizcemiydi? 8. Kople. Düşünuyorum ben kesinlikle çok iyiydim. 9. Gerçekten. Benim İngilizce sınıfta aldığım praktik bana yardımcı oldu. 10.Sence işe alındınmı? İş görüşmesi Kampanyanız hakında çok güzel şeyler duydum. Herkes anlatıyor. Bugün sizin marketlerde çok güzel malarınız var. Ben gerçekten çok endişeliydim açmaktan. Bana anlatırmısın daha neler gördüğünü. Ben yakında başlıya bilirmiyim? Benim yüzdelik kampanyam çok iyiyidi. Ben istiyorum onlara vermeyi son iki haftanın notları...

54 CARD #24 1. Can you tell me about yourself? 2. Well, I was born in Romania but moved to Austria when I was ten years old. 3. So you speak both Romanian and German fluently. 4. Yes, I do. But I'm afraid my English is not exactly perfect yet. 5. I think your English is very good. How long have you been studying? 6. Only about three months now. My class lasts until June, so I hope I'll get better. 7. You are doing very well for only three months. I'm sure it will be very good by the time you graduate. 8. What kind of job are you hoping to get? 9. Well, in Germany I worked as a chemist. 10.Here in the United States I will take part-time work while I study English. Personal Data I have been here for only about six months. I am married and have two children. A boy eight years old and a girl six years old. Both of them are in school here and already speak and understand English very well. If I can find a job, my wife and I are hoping to buy a small house. 54

55 KART Bana kendini anlatırmısın? 2. Gerçi. Ben Romanyadan doğdum, fakat on yaşındaiken Avusturya göç ettik. 3. İki dil konuşuyorsun Romanca ve Almanca. 4. Evet. Konuşurum. İngilizcemdan korkuyorum henüz mükemel değil. 5. Sanırım İngilizceniz çok iyi. Ne kadardır İngizce çalışıyorsun? 6. Sadece üç aydır şimdiye kadar. Benim sınıfım haziranın sonuna kadar sanırm daha iyi lacak. 7. Üç ay için çok iyisin. Eminim zamanla derecen daha iyi olacak. 8. Ne tür bir iş umuyorsun yapmayı? 9. Hımm. Almanyada kimyager olarak çalıştım. 10. Amerikada İngilizce çalışırken part time bir iş almayı düşünuyorum. Personal veri. Ben sadece altı aydır buradayım. Ben evliyim ikide çocuğum var. Oğlan sekiz yaşında kız ise altı. İkiside burada okuldalar şimdiden çok iyi İngilizce konuşuyorlar ve anlıyorlar. Eğer ben bir iş bulursam ben ve eşim küçük bir ev almayı umuyoruz.

56 CARD #25 1. What time is your English Class? 2. We start at 7:00 p.m. and go until 9:30 p.m. 3. How many students are there in your Class? 4. We usually have about twenty students show up. 5. You mean some students actually skip class? 6. Not too often. If you miss class, it will slow your progress. 7. Do you use computers to study English? 8. We don't in the beginning class, but the advanced class does. 9. What do you like most in your class? 10.I like the stories if they are not too hard to understand. In the Classroom Which one is your desk? That one over there in the corner. I need to sit up front so I can see the board easier. Is your teacher funny? Well, he thinks he is.... Do you read all your cards everyday? Yes. I practice at home and then the teacher listens to us in class. 56

57 KART Ne zaman senin İngilizce sınıfın? 2. Akşam 7: 00 de başlıyoruz 9:30 kadar. 3. Sınıfınızda kaç öğrenci var? 4. Biz genelde yermi öğrenci görünüyoruz 5. Yani diyorsunki bazı öğrenciler başka sınıflara geçiyor. 6. Sık değil. Eğer ara verirsen senin ilerlemen yavaş olacak. 7. İngilizce çalışırken bilgisayar kulanıyormusunuz? 8. Biz başlamıyoruz sınıfa. Fakat sınıf gelişmiş. 9. En çok ne yapmak istersin sınıfta? 10. Ben üyküleri seviyorum eğer çok zor ve anlaşılımayan değil ise. Sıfta Hangisi senin sıran? Şu köşedeki. Önde oturmaya ihtiyacım var fakat tahtayı daha rahat görebilirim. Öğretmeniniz eğlencelimidir? Evet çok eğlencelidir. Her gün kartları okuyormusun? Evet. Evde praktik yapıyorum sorada öğretmen bize sınıfta dinletiriyor.

58 CARD #26 1. I have a flight to Chicago today at 11:00 am. 2. You have to check in at least an hour before your flight. 3. I know, and I have a lot of bags to check too. 4. Do you have any carry-on luggage? 5. Yes. Just one small suitcase that I like to keep with me. 6. It has all my overnight stuff in case my bags get lost. 7. You mean like your toothbrush and toothpaste? 8. Yes. Plus pajamas and clean underwear. 9. I always like to take a good book to read on the flight. 10.Well? Can you drop me off at the gate this morning? At the Airport Has anyone given you anything to carry on board today? No Sir. Have your bags been out of your control at any time? No Sir. OK. You are checked all the way to Chicago. Thank you very much. Here's something for you. Have a nice day! You too! 58

59 KART Bugün saat 11:00 de Chicago ya uçmalıyım. 2. Sen uçmadan önce son saatleri konturol etimelisin. 3. Biliyorum. Ve kontrol için çok çantam var. 4. Her hangi taşıma bagajın varmı? 5. Evet. Sadece küçük bir çanta onuda yanıma alacam. 6. Benim bütün eşyalarım çantanın içinde kayıp. 7. Yani diş macun diş fırçan gibi? 8. Evet. Picemalarım ve iç çamaşırlarımda. 9. Uçuş esnasında ben herzaman güzel kitap alırım okumak için. 10. İyi, sabah beni havalimanına bırakabilirmisin? Havalimanında Bügün herhangi birileri size taşımak için bir şeyler verdimi? Hayır efendim. Çantanız dışırdan herhangi zamanda kontoroldan geçtimi? Hayır efendim. Tamam. Kontorolunuz tamam Chicago ya kadar. Teşekür ederim. Burada bazı şeyler senin için. İyi günler!!! Sanada!!!!!!!!!!!

60 CARD #27 1. How are you doing today? I am not too good. 2. Oh! What's wrong? Is something the matter? 3. Well, it's nothing serious. Just a lot of little problems. 4. Do you want to tell me about it? 5. Yesterday my sink got stopped up and now it's leaking water on my floor. 6. Bad news. Plumbers are very expensive these days. 7. That's not all. I tried to fix it myself and broke the water faucet. 8. That's not so bad. You can replace that yourself. 9. Well, I already tried and now the pipe is broken. 10.Look, you d better just call a repairman and pay someone to do it right. Customer Service How can I help you Sir? Can you give me my money back? Your product doesn't work. What seems to be the problem? Can I speak with the manager? 60

61 KART Nasılsın bugün? İyi değilim. 2. Oh! Yanlış olan ne? Bazı şeylermi? 3. Hımm, çok cidi değil. Sadece küçük problemler. 4. Bana anlatmak istermisin? 5. Dun lavabom tıkandı ve şimdi sular damlıyor yerlere. 6. kütü haber. Bu günlerde tesisatçılarda çok pahalı. 7. Bütünü değel. Ben kendim yapmak istedim musluğu kırdım. 8. Çok kütü değil. Sen kendi başına koyabilirsin. 9. İyide, ben çok denedim ve buseferde boruyu kırdım. 10.Bak, sadece tahmirciyi ara öde ona o daha iyisini yapar. Muşteri hizmetleri Size nasıl yardım edebilirim efendim? Bana paramı geri verebilirmisin. Sizin ürününüz çalışmıyor. Ne problem olabilir? Müdürle konuşabilirmiyim?

62 CARD #28 1. John. Come in and sit down. Make yourself at home. 2. I have to go out back and light the barbecue. 3. OK. I'll go outside with you and keep you company. 4. Great. Give me a hand, will you? Bring the salt and pepper with you. 5. OK. Do you need anything else? 6. No. I have the hot dogs and the hamburgers. 7. The rest of the stuff is already out there. 8. Do you cook outside a lot? 9. As much as possible. My wife isn't a very good cook. 10.But I prefer a thick, juicy steak myself. On the Lawn You have a very nice backyard. Yes. It's a little too big though. I hate to cut the grass. Do you have a vegetable garden? No. Just some flowers that I planted. 62

63 KART John. Gelde otur. Kendi başına evde yaparsın. 2. Ben geri gidim dışarda mangal yakmalıyım. 3. Tamam. Ben dışarıya senle şirkete gidecem. 4. Harika. Birşey lazımsa getireyim? Gelirken tuz ve biber getir. 5. Tamam. Başka bir şeye ihtiyaca varmı? 6. Hayır. Bende var hot dogs ve hamburger. 7. Bütün aletler dışarda ve oradalar. 8. Dışarda çok yemek pişiriyormusun? 9. Ola bildiği kadar. Benim eşim iyi ahçı değil. 10.Fakat, ben kalın ve birde sulu kebab tercih ederim. Çimenlikte Çok güzel bir bahçen var. Evet. Çok küçüktür büyütmek lazım. Nefret ederim çim biçmekten. Sebze bahçen varmı? Hayır sadece bazı güleri ektim.

64 CARD #29 1. Hey Steve. What are you doing today? 2. I'm going over to the art museum today to help with a class. 3. Come in and tell me all about it. 4. Thanks. Well, they need someone to tell the school kids about art. 5. Sit down. Make yourself comfortable. Would you like anything? 6. Oh. No thanks. I just finished eating. 7. Do you know a lot about art? 8. No. You don't have to know about art to volunteer. 9. Why are you doing it? 10.Because it's a good way to meet people and to practice my English at the same time. In the Museum Please don't touch the artworks. Do you like sculpture or do you prefer the paintings? I really like the old oil paintings myself. Have you ever tried to learn how to paint? Oh! I don't think I have the talent for painting. You never know until you try! 64

65 KART Hey steve. Bugün ne yapıyorsun? 2. Ben bugün gidiyorum sanat galerisine sınıfa yardım etmeye. 3. Geldiğin zaman bana anlatırsın herşeyi. 4. Teşekürler. Onların ihtiyacı var birilerine çocukları sanatı anlatsın. 5. Oturun. Rahat olmaya çalış. Bir şey istiyormusun? 6. Hayır teşekürler. Ben sadece yemeğimi bitirdim. 7. Sanat hakında çok biliyormusun? 8. Hayır. Sen bilemesin sanat gönülleri hakında. 9. Niçin yapmıyorsun? 10.Çünkü iyi bir yoldur insanlarla tanışmak ve aynı zamanda bazende İngilizceni praktik yapmak. Müzede Lütfen eserlere dokunmayın. Sen sculpture mi tercih edersin yoksa yağlı boyamı? Ben eski ve yağlı boyalardan hoşlanırım. Sen hiç bir zaman denedinmi nasıl yapmayı? Oh!! Düşünemiyorum bende var onları boya yapmak için aygıtlar. Denemeden asla bilemesin.

66 CARD #30 1. I need to fill my car with gas and get the oil changed. 2. How are you paying? Cash or credit card? 3. Can I use my ATM card? 4. Sure. Just slide the card through the slot and enter your PIN number. 5. Do you want any cash back? 6. Yes. Can you give me $30.00? And I also need a new air filter. 7. OK. Here you go. Is there anything else I can help you with? 8. Well, I need to rotate and balance the tires. 9. Sure. We can do that. We always check the brakes at the same time. 10.Good. If it won't take too long, I'll wait in the lobby. At the Gas Station How much air pressure do I need in the tires? We usually pump them up to about 35 pounds. How often should I change the oil and rotate the tires? We recommend doing it every 5,000 miles at least. 66

67 KART Benim ihtiyacım var arabama gaz ve birde yağını değiştirmeliyim. 2. Ödemeyi nasıl yapacan? Keşmi yoksa kredi kartla? 3. ATM kartımı kulanabilirmiyim? 4. Elbette. Sadece kartını poz silip ten geçirin ve pink numaranıza girin. 5. Hesabın üstünü istermisin? 6. Evet. Bana 30 dollar verebilirmisin? ihtiyacım var. Ve birde hava filitresine 7. Tamam. Burada. Başka bir şey size yardım edeyim? 8. İyi birde lastikler ve rot balans ayarı. 9. Tabiki. Yapabiliriz. Aynı zamanda biz fren ayarıda yapıyoruz. 10.Güzel. Eğer uzun sürmiyecekse ben lobide bekliyeceğim. Petrol istasyonunda Lastikleri havası kaç basında olmalı? Biz genelde pomplıyoruz ortalam 35 Ne kadar sıklıkta rod ve balans ve lastikleri değiştirmeliyim. Biz genelde tercihimiz 5,000 mile den sonra.

68 CARD #31 1. Tom, can I borrow your English book? 2. I wish I could lend it to you, but yesterday I lost my English book. 3. Maybe you could get another one from the library. 4. O.K. In the meantime can I take a look at your notes from English class last week? 5. Sure. Why didn't you go to class last week? 6. I told the teacher that I was sick, but that was just an excuse. 7. The truth is that I went to San Francisco with my girlfriend for a couple of days. 8. Man! You shouldn't make up excuses like that! 9. Besides, you'll never learn English if you don't study every day and go to class. 10.O.K. No more excuses. May I please borrow a piece of paper and a pencil? Excuses, Excuses I'm sorry that I'm late. The traffic was terrible today. I'm sorry that I broke your pencil. I didn't mean to do it. I'm sorry I forgot about our date. I've just been so busy lately. Can you ever forgive me? 68

69 KART Tom İngilizce kitabını ödüç alabilirmiyim? 2. İsterdim size borç vermeyi, fakat dün kaybettim İngilizce kitabımı. 3. Belkide kütüphaneden başka birini almalısın. 4. Tamam. Bu arada geçen hafta senin İngilizce sınıfında notlara bakmıştım alabilirmiyim? 5. Tabiki. Geçen hafta niçin sınfa gitmiştin? 6. Sadece hasta olduğumu hocaya söylemek için gitmiştim. 7. Doğrusu iki gün için kız arkadaşımla San Francısco ya gittim. 8. Erkek! Sen buna benzer mazeretleri yapmamalısın. 9. Bu arada, hiç bir zaman İngilizce hergün ve okula gitmesen. öğrenemesin eğer çalışmasan 10.Tamam. Başka mazeret yok. Bir parça kağıt ve kurşun kalemini alabilirmiyim lütfen? Mazeret, Mazetet Çok üzgünüm geç kaldım. Trafik korkunçtu bu gün. Üzgünüm kaleminizi kırdım. Büyle olmasını istemezdim. Üzgünüm bizim tarihi hakında unuttum. Ben sadece çok meşküldüm ve geciktim. Beni her zaman af edebilirmisin?

70 CARD #32 1. If I were you, I'd take a vacation. You need some time off. 2. I wish I could, but I can't afford one. 3. Then, I suggest that you go camping. 4. It's cheap and the forest is beautiful this time of year. 5. That's a great idea! Why don't you come with me? 6. That would be fun and I have a tent and sleeping bags. 7. Great! I have some camping equipment myself that we can use. 8. Do you know how to start a campfire? 9. Yes, but in California you need to get a fire permit from the Forest Ranger Station first. 10.This is going to be so much fun. I love to hike in the mountains. Giving Advice and Making Suggestions I think you should take some time off from work. Me too! What do you recommend? Well, my advice is to look for a better job. And I think you should mind your own business! Well, I think you owe me an apology! O.K. I apologize. 70

71 KART Eğer seni aldım. Ben tatille gitmek isterim. Senin zamana ihtiyacın var. 2. İsterdim fakat yapmıyabilirimde. 3. Sonra, dur tahmin edeyim kampa gidiyorsun. 4. Bu zamanda orman çok güzel ve ucuzdur. 5. Bu harika bir fikir! Niçin benle gelmiyorsun? 6. İyi bir eğlence olur. Bende çadır ve uyku tulumu var. 7. Harika!!! Bende kulanabiliriz. 8. kendi başıma kamp donatımlarım var ve Kamp ateşini yakmasını bilirmisin? 9. Evet, fakat California da ormanda ateş yakmak için izin almalısın. Orma bekçileri ilk. 10.Bu çok eğlenceli olacak. Dağlarda gezi yapmayı çok severim. Al taviye ve kararını ver. Sanırım bir kaç gün işten almalıyım. Bende! Ne tercih edersin? İyi,,, benim nasıhatım daha iyi bir işe bakmak. Ve sanırım sen kendi işin sahibi olmalısın! İyi sanırım sen bana minettar olursun! Tamam minettarım.

72 CARD #33 1. What do you think, Judy, about this coat? 2. It really fits you very nicely. 3. Don't you agree with me Bob? 4. Well, yes, but the color would be better if it were darker. 5. I agree with Bob. It is too light. 6. Why don't you try on a different style? 7. That's a good idea. I need some new shirts and a black belt too. 8. Do you like solid colors or do you prefer stripes? 9. For work I need shirts that I can wear with a tie. 10.What's your opinion of this one? Oh! That's ugly! At The Clothing Store Can I help you find anything? No thanks. We're just looking. Well. Be sure to ask if you have any questions. O.K. Do you have anything on sale today? Sure. What size do you wear? Well, I think you owe me an apology! O.K. I apologize. 72

73 KART Bu partusu hakında ne düşünüyorsun Judy? 2. Gerçekten tam size göre ve çok hoş. 3. Sende bana katılıyormusun Bob? 4. İyi, evet fakat eğer rengi kuyu olsaydı daha iyi olabilirdi. 5. Sana katılıyorum Bob çok açıktır. 6. Sen niye değişik reng denemiyorsun? 7. Bu iyi fikir. Benim yeni gömlek ve kemere ihtiyacım var. 8. Sen kuyumu yoksa büyle şeritli rengleri tercih ediyorsun? 9. İş için benim büyle gömleklere ihtiyacım var kıravatla giyebilirim. 10.Bunun için düşüncen nedir senin? Oh bu çok çirkin! Konfeksiyonda Bir şeyleri bulmaya yardım edebilirmiyim? Hayır teşekürler. Biz sadece bakıyoruz. Tamam sende herhangi indirim varmı bugün? Elbette. Kaç beden giyersin?

74 CARD #34 1. Is that your dog? What's his name? 2. Her name is Daisy. She's a poodle. 3. Do you have any other pets? 4. Yes. I have two cats and a goldfish. 5. What about you? Do you like animals? 6. Well, I do, but they are very expensive. 7. Tell me about it. My pets cost me a fortune in food and vet bills. 8. I heard that pet birds can be really costly. 9. Yes. I have a friend that has to buy special food for his pet snake. 10.Don't tell me! I don't want to know! Man's Best Friend Can your dog do any tricks? Sure. He's very smart. You won't believe what he did yesterday! I dropped some money in the river and he jumped in to get it for me. He brought back a big fish and twenty-five cents in change!!! 74

75 KART Bu senin köpeğinmi? İsmi ne? 2. Onun ismi Daisy dir. O evcildir. 3. Sende başka hayvan varmı? 4. Evet. İki kedi birde altın balığım var. 5. Sende ne var? Hayvanlardan hoşlanıyormusun? 6. Hoşlanıyorum. Fakat onlar çok pıhalılar. 7. Bana onların hakında anlat. Benim hayvanlarım fiyatları yemek ve veterinerleridir. 8. Ben duydum evcil kuşlar gerçekten çok pıhalı olurlar. 9. Evet. Benim bir tane arkadaşım var evcil yılanı için iki boy özel yemek torbası var. 10.Bana anlatma!! Bilmek istemiyorum. Erkeğin en iyi arkadaşı Senin köpeğin herhangi bir marifei varmı? Elbette. O çok akılı. Dün ne yaptığını anlatsam inanamasın. Ben bir az para düşürdüm nehire ve o hemen atlayıp bana gettirdi Ve birde geri büyük bir balık ve yermi beş sent bozuk!!

76 CARD #35 1. Excuse me. Could I ask you something? 2. Sure. What do you need? 3. We're looking for Mrs. Johnson's classroom. 4. I think she's in Building B. Down this hallway and then turn left. 5. Hello. We're the Smiths. Our son Tommy is in your class. 6. Oh. How nice to meet you. Thanks for coming in for the parent- teacher conference. 7. How's Tommy doing? His grades are pretty good. 8. He's a good student. He might be able to do even better with a little more work. 9. Does he study at home in the evenings? 10.He's pretty good. Sometimes we have to make him turn off the TV. Meeting The Teacher Excuse me. May I talk to you for a minute? Your daughter isn't behaving herself in class. I'm not following you. What is she doing? Well, she s not paying attention in class, she s talking to her neighbors, and she s disturbing the other students. Things like that. Well, it was nice talking to you. 76

77 KART Afedersin. Bazı şeyler size sorabilirmiyim? 2. Tabiki. Neye ihtiyacınız var? 3. Biz bakıyoruz Johnson beyefendinin sınıfına. 4. Sanırım. O bina B de bu koridordan aşağı ve sola sapın. 5. Merhaba. Biz smithiz bizim çocuğumuz Tommy sizin sınıfınızda. 6. Ohh. Tanıştığımıza memnun oldum. Öğretmenler konferansına geldiğiniz için teşekür ederim. 7. Tommy nasıl yapıyor? Onun dercesi çok iyi. 8. O iyi bir öğrenci o bir az daha düzgün çalışırsa daha iyi olabilir. 9. Akşamları evde çalışıyormu? 10.O çok iyi. Bazan biz televizyonu ondan uzağa koyuyoruz. Öğretmenler toplantısı Afedersin. Sizinle bir azcık konuşabilirmiyim? Kızınız sınıfta kendi başına yapamıyor. Ben sizi takip etmiyorum. O ne yapıyor? O sınıfta eğitimine ödemiyor o arkadaşlarıyla konuşuyor ve diğer öğrencileri rahatsız ediyor. Bunun gibi şeyler. Sanırım bu iyi bir şey oldu senle konuştum.

78 CARD #36 1. Can I ask you something? 2. Well, I'm kind of busy at the moment. 3. It will only take a few minutes. 4. O.K. But I have a business meeting in fifteen minutes so it will have to be fast. 5. Maybe it would be better if we set up another time to get together. 6. I'd love to continue this conversation, but I really do have to go now. 7. Well, I don't want to take up any more of your time. 8. Sorry I'm so rushed right now. Maybe we can get together tomorrow. 9. Oh. I understand completely. Thanks anyway. 10.Please forgive me. I really have to run now. Responding To Criticism Oh! I'm so sorry. I promise it won't happen again. I'm sorry to hear that. Please forgive me. Please accept my apology. 78

79 KART Size bazı şeyleri sorabilirmiyim? 2. İyi, ben bu dakkilarda meşkülüm. 3. Sadece bir azcık zamanınızı alacam. 4. Tamam. Fakat benim iş toplantım var on beş dakkika içinde çok hızlı olabilsin lütfen. 5. Belki birlikte bir zaman ayarlaması yapalım daha iyi olabilir. 6. Ben bu muhabette başlamayı çok istiyorum. Fakat ben gerçekten gitmeliyim şimdi. 7. İyi, sizi daha fazla tutmak istemem. 8. Afedersiniz benim şu anda çok acelem var belki yarın birlikte olabiliriz. 9. Oh ben seni anlıyorum. Neyse çok teşekürederim. 10.Lütfen beni afedin. Benim gerçekten koşuşturmam lazım. Eleştiriler ve yanıt. Oh! Çok afedersiniz. Söz veriyorum tekrar yapmıyacam bunu. Afedersiniz duydum. Lütfen afedin beni. Lütfen benim üzürümü kabul edin.

80 CARD #37 1. Hello, James. Tell me, when was your last physical? 2. Hello, Doctor. Probably last year when I went out for the basketball team. 3. So is this your last year in school? 4. Yes. I am studying English literature and hope to be a teacher. 5. Excellent. What seems to be the problem today? 6. I have frequent backaches and headaches. 7. Are you getting enough exercise on a daily basis? 8. Not much. Not since basketball season ended. 9. How about nutrition? Well, doctor, I've been on a diet actually. 10.You need more protein in your diet and regular exercise. At The Doctors Office First we need to get your vital statistics. How tall are you? What is your weight? Well, John, you would be the perfect weight if you were just eight feet tall. Take two (2) of these daily. One is Vitamin E and the other is for the headaches. 80

81 KART Merhaba James. Bana anlatırmısın en son ne zaman fizik konturola girdin? 2. Merhaba Doctor. Galiba geçensene. Ben basketbol takımına gidiğim zaman 3. Hımm. Bu senin son yılınmı okulda? 4. Evet. Ben çalışıyorum İngiliz edebiyatı için umuyorum öğretmen olacam. 5. Çok güzel. Bugün ne gibi bir problemin olabilir? 6. Benim çok sık bel ve başım ağrıyor. 7. Günlük temel hareketleri yapıyormusun? 8. Çok değil. Basketbol sesonu sona erdiğinden beri. 9. Beslenmen nasıl? Hımm. Gerçi ben diatteyim doctor. 10. Senin protein ve temel hareketlere ihtiyacın var. Doctor ofisinde İlk ihtiyacımız senin yaşamsal ihtiyaclarını almak. Boyunuz ve kilonuz kaç? İyi John siz mükemel olabilirmisiniz boyunuz sekiz feet uzun olsa. Al iki (2) adet bunu günlük. Bir tanesi vitamin E diğeri ise baş ağrısı için.

82 CARD #38 1. What time is our business meeting tomorrow? 2. The boss wants us all to meet in the conference room at 9:00 am. 3. Do you know what's on the agenda? 4. We're going to talk about new product ideas first. I know that much. 5. And probably cost reductions. We're always trying to cut costs around here. 6. Well, profits are always slim during a recession. 7. Why don't we just raise our prices? That would increase our profit. 8. I disagree with you. We would just sell less. 9. I'm not sure I agree with that. 10.It seems to me that we have a product people really want. Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings Could you tell us more about your ideas? In other words, you think that we should lower our prices. Sorry for interrupting, but that just won't work either. Not everyone will agree with me, but here's what I think we should do. 82

83 KART Senin yarın iş mitingin saat kaçta? 2. patron istiyor hepimizin conferans salonunda olalım sabah saat 9: 00 da. 3. Biliyormusun ajandada ne var? 4. Biz fikirmizi anlatacağiz ilk yeni ürün hakında. Biliyorum bu çok oluyor. 5. Ve galiba fiyat azalmaları. Bu civarda biz fiyatlarımızı dengede tutmak istiyoruz. 6. Gerçi biz kaarımızı her zaman azcık geri çekmek istiyoruz. 7. Niçin biz fiyatlarımızı ve kaarımızı yapamıyoruz? Şu bizim kaardan artış olabilir. 8. Ben katılıyorum sana. Biz sadece daha düşük satsak. 9. Ben emin değilim buna razıyım. 10.Bu benimle aynı. bizim ürünlerimizi insanlar gerçekten istiyor. Toplantılar toplantılar ve dahada toplantılar Bize fikrinin hakında anlatırmısın? Diğer kelimelerde bunu düşünmelisin bizim fiyatlarımız düşük olmalı. Araya girdiğim için afedin, fakat diğerlerile çalışmıyacak. Herkes bana katılmıyor fakat burada düşünüyorum biz ne yapmalıyız.

84 CARD #39 1. So, how is your English coming along? 2. Pretty good. I understand almost everything. 3. But I still make mistakes once in awhile. 4. Well, it's hard work to learn a foreign language. 5. Yes. My teacher says it sometimes takes years to master. 6. And you have to practice every day. Otherwise you will begin to forget the words again. 7. If you can't find someone to talk to, you can buy English tapes to practice with at home. 8. Yes. And reading a lot of books or newspapers keeps your vocabulary up. 9. Movies and TV shows are good practice too. 10.But they use so much slang it's hard to follow. Find A Friend The best way to practice is to find someone that speaks only English. Meet a neighbor or join a club. Visit a retirement (assisted living) home and ask for someone who needs company and would like to meet a new friend. Of course, the best way is to get a handsome American boyfriend. 84

85 KART Uzun zamandan beri İngilizcen nasıl gidiyor? 2. İyi gidiyor. Hemen hemen herşeyi anlıyorum. 3. Fakat bir defalığına hataları yapıyorum. 4. İyi yabancı dili çalışmak çok zor 5. Evet. Öğretmen söylüyor bazan bir yıl master sürebilir. 6. Ve hergün praktik yapmalısın. Yoksa diğer taraftan kelimeleri tekrar unutacan. 7. Eğer sen bulamasan konuşmak için birileri satın alabilirsin İngilizce kaset evde praktik yapabilirsin. 8. Evet. Çok kitap oku ve gazete oku kelime hazneni gliştir. 9. Praktik için film ve tv showları çok güzel olurlar. 10.fakat onları kullandığın zaman daha hızlıdır takip etmek çok zor. Bul bir arkadaş Öğrenmenin en iyi yolu bulacan kendine İngilizce konuşan bir arkadaş. Görüş komşunla veya üye ol bir club a. Ziyaret et emekliler evini ve sor şirkette kimim ihtiyacı var. İstiyormu görüşmek yeni bir arkadaşla. Tabiki en iyi yol al bir yakışıklı Amerikalı erkek arkadaş.

86 CARD #40 1. You don't have to leave already, do you? 2. Yes. We really must be going. 3. Well, I don't want to take up any more of your time. 4. I'd love to continue this conversation, but I just have so much to do today. 5. I understand. Maybe we can get together again sometime. 6. I'd like that. Call me and we'll get together for lunch. O.K.? 7. That would be great! I'll talk to you again soon. 8. Take it easy. See you later. 9. I can't tell you how much I'm going to miss you. 10.I've got to go now! I hate good-byes! Saying Goodbye!!! Goodbye! We love you! Don't forget to write. Do you have my address? Come back and see us again soon!!! 86

87 KART Sen ayrılmaya hazır değilsin. Değilmi? 2. Evet. Biz gerçektende gitmeliyiz. 3. İyi,sizin zamanınızı daha fazla almak istemiyorum. 4. Ben bu muhabette başlamayı seviyorum, fakat ben sadece bugüne kadar yapmalıyım. 5. Anlıyorum. Belkide biz bazen beraber olabiliriz. 6. İsterim. Beni ara biz beraber öğle yemeğine çıkacağız. 7. Bu harika olur!! En kısa zamanda tekrar konuşuruz. 8. Kolayını al. Yakında görüşürüz. 9. Sana anlatamam seni ne kadar üzlüyeceğimi. 10.Ben şimdi gitmeliyim! Vedalaşmaktan nefret ederim. Güle güle!!!! Güle güle! Sizi seviyoruz! Yazmayı unutma. E- mail adresin varmı? Bizi görmeye gelin yakında görüşürüz!!! *ngilizceden Türkçeye çeviri yapan Musa Bağcı (916)

88 Rhythm #1 English Rhythms CATS EAT MICE. (3 Beats) CATS EAT MICE. (3 Beats) The CATS EAT the MICE. (3 Beats) have EATEN the MICE. (3 Beats) The CATS might have EATEN the MICE (3 Beats) The The CATS 88

89 Rhythm #2 English Rhythms KIDS LOVE TOYS. (Again 3 beats) The KIDS LOVE TOYS. (Again 3 beats) The KIDS LOVE the TOYS. (Again 3 beats) The KIDS might LOVE the TOYS. (Again 3 beats) the TOYS. (Again 3 beats) The KIDS might have LOVED 89

90 Rhythm #3 English Rhythms Here is one with four (4) beats. Imagine yourself as the conductor of a large group of musicians: ONE TWO THREE FOUR a ONE a TWO a THREE a FOUR a ONE and a TWO and a THREE and a FOUR a ONE and then a TWO and then a THREE and then a FOUR 90

91 Rhythm #4 English Rhythms Here is a "Rhythm" exercise to practice with: I read the book. I read the book that you lent. I read the book that you lent to me. I read the book that you lent to me yesterday. I read the book that you lent to me yesterday at the coffee shop. I read the book that you lent to me yesterday at the coffee shop beside the parking lot. I read the book that you lent to me yesterday at the coffee shop beside the parking lot near the apartment. 91

92 Rhythm #5 English Rhythms Say this Rhythm softly like you are whispering: Here is a Rhythm with /th/ sound: 1. It s nothing. 2. I told you it s nothing. 3. I thought I told you it s nothing. 4. I thought I told you a thousand times it s nothing. 5. I thought I told you a thousand times it s nothing worth thinking through. 6. I thought I told you a thousand times it s nothing worth thinking through at the theater. 7. I thought I told you a thousand times it s nothing worth thinking through at the theater on Thursday, enthusiastically. 92

93 Rhythm #6 English Rhythms Say this Rhythm loud like you are angry! Here is another Rhythm with a different /th/ sound: 1. Don t bother. 2. Don t bother your father. 3. Don t bother your father, ask your mother. 4. Don t bother your father, ask your mother then your brother. 5. Don t bother your father, ask your mother then your brother you have another. 6. Don t bother your father, ask your mother then your brother you have another sister and another brother. 7. Don t bother your father, ask your mother then your brother you have another sister and another brother you can bother. 93

94 Rhythm #7 English Rhythms A rhythm that works on the letter /l/: 1. My love called me. 2. My love called me late. 3. My love called me late last night. 4. My love called me late last night to let me know. 5. My love called me late last night to let me know that he would leave. 6. My love called me late last night to let me know that he would leave Illinois. 7. My love called me late last night to let me know that he would leave Illinois and go to California. 8. My love called me late last night to let me know that he would leave Illinois and go to California to look for a little work. 94

95 Rhythm #8 English Rhythms Here is a Rhythm that works on the letter /r/: 1. My brother wrote. 2. My brother wrote his secretary a card. 3. My brother wrote his secretary a card three times. 4. My brother wrote his secretary a card three times to ask her. 5. My brother wrote his secretary a card three times to ask her to marry him. 6. My brother wrote his secretary a card three times to ask her to marry him but she worried. 7. My brother wrote his secretary a card three times to ask her to marry him but she worried about how to react. 95

96 Rhythm #9 English Rhythms A rhythm that works on the letter /e/: 1. He used to sleep. 2. He used to sleep at least thirteen hours. 3. He used to sleep at least thirteen hours, eat ham and cheese. 4. He used to sleep at least thirteen hours, eat ham and cheese, and leave the house. 5. He used to sleep at least thirteen hours, eat ham and cheese and leave the house to play soccer. 6. He used to sleep at least thirteen hours, eat ham and cheese, and leave the house to play soccer on a team. 7. He used to sleep at least thirteen hours, eat ham and cheese, and leave the house to play soccer on a team until he hurt his heel. 96

97 Rhythm #10 English Rhythms And here is a Rhythm that works on the letter /i/: 1. It was silly. 2. It was silly that my sister Cindy picked. 3. It was silly that my sister Cindy picked the simple red bricks. 4. It was silly that my sister Cindy picked the simple red bricks to fix the doorway. 5. It was silly that my sister Cindy picked the simple red bricks to fix the doorway since the color simply didn t fit. 6. It was silly that my sister Cindy picked the simple red bricks to fix the doorway since the color simply didn t fit into the vintage style house. 97

98 Rhythm #11 English Rhythms This Rhythm will help you work on the letter /b/: 1. The boy. 2. The boy s brother. 3. The boy s brother used to be a bad baseball player. 4. The boy s brother used to be a bad baseball player, but now he is probably the best. 5. The boy s brother used to be a bad baseball player, but now he is probably the best baseball player. 6. The boy s brother used to be a bad baseball player, but now he is probably the best baseball player on his baseball team. 98

99 Rhythm #12 English Rhythms This Rhythm will help you with the letter /v/: 1. They live. 2. They live in a valley. 3. They live in a valley and bought a very expensive television. 4. They live in a valley and bought a very expensive television, video. 5. They live in a valley and bought a very expensive television, video and oven. 6. They live in a valley and bought a very expensive television, video and oven so they invited us over. 7. They live in a valley and bought a very expensive television, video and oven so they invited us over to show off their valuables. 99

100 Rhythm #13 (.wav) English Rhythms This Rhythm will help you with the letter /w/: 1. Who wants? 2. Who wants a window? 3. Who wants a window wound down? 4. Who wants a window wound down in the wind? 5. Who wants a window wound down in the wind on a winding way? 6. Who wants a window wound down in the wind on a winding way in the west? 7. Who wants a window wound down in the wind on a winding way in the west when driving in Wyoming? 100

101 Before You Start... Setting A Goal I need to improve my accent and pronunciation so that I can. This is what I will do in the next three months (12 weeks) to be certain that I hit my goal: Now! Find out what goal 3 other students have set for themselves and what they will do to hit their goal. Are they the same as yours or different? 101

102 Conversation Starter #1 How to Begin a Conversation Hello. How are you? I am fine, thanks, and you? I am very good. What is your name? My name is Fred. Nice to meet you Fred. Great! Now you re talking. Ask each other questions. Find out all about each other. For example: Where are you from? Are you married or single? How long have you studied English? How long have you been in the United States? Now find another conversation partner and practice again! 102

103 Conversation Starter #2 Tell Me About Your Family Do you have a big family? Yes, it s very big. What about you? No. My family is very small. Do you have any pictures? Sure. Would you like to see them? Bring in pictures of your family to class. Show the other students your pictures and tell them about your family. Pictures of your Children. Pictures of your Mother and Father. How about Brothers, Sisters, Aunts and Uncles? Do you have pictures of your Grandfather and Grandmother? Now ask another student to see their pictures and hear about their family. 103

104 Conversation Starter #3 Ending A Conversation Hi. Do you remember me? We met last week in English class. Yes, of course, I do. But I m afraid that I ve forgotten your name. Bill. Bill Smith. And your name is Maria, isn t it? Yes. It is. Nice to see you again Bill. Very nice to see you, too, Maria. Now say Excuse me, and end the conversation... Oh! Look at the time. I really have to go. Could we get together later today? No, I have so many things to do today. Well, it was really nice talking with you. Yes, I hope that I see you again sometime! Now find another partner and practice saying Hello and Goodbye! 104

105 Conversation Starter #4 Which Do You Prefer? Hi, Sandy! Would you like something to drink? Yes. That would be very nice. It is really hot today! Do you prefer iced tea or a cold soda? Actually, I prefer the ice tea to the soda. O.K. Sit down and make yourself comfortable while I get the drinks. Now find a Conversation Partner and ask them which of the following things they prefer. Then ask them why they prefer that one to the other one. Pepsi Running Mountains Bears Dogs Hamburg Soup Classical Music Tango Books Coke Biking Ocean Tigers Cats Hotdog Salad Jazz Salsa Movies Now find another Conversation Partner and see if they prefer the same things that your first Partner preferred. 105

106 Conversation Starter #5 Taking Telephone Messages (Ring! Ring!) Hello. Hello. Is (Teacher s name) there? No. I m sorry but he s not here right now. Can I take a message? Yes. Would you tell him that (Your name) called and that? First you will be given a Message for your Teacher. Then you will call another student and give them the message. They will then give the message to the Teacher. Student Name Telephone Number *Sample messages are on Page # Message

107 Conversation Starter #6 Making Excuses (Ring! Ring!) Hello. Hello. Is (Your Friend s Name) there? Yes. Speaking. Hi (Your Friend s Name) this is (Your Name). And I am calling about our lunch today because (Reason For The Call). First get five telephone numbers of classmates. Please write down your classmate s name and telephone number. Then select a card with your reason for the call. Student Name Telephone Number *Sample reasons for the call are on Page # Reason

108 Conversation Starter #7 At The Restaurant MENU Starters Bread and Butter $5.49 Garlic Bread..... $5.99 French Onion Soup.....$4.49 Vegetable Soup $3.99 Calamari... $7.99 Ask your waiter about the soup of the day!! Main courses Roast Beef with mixed vegetables $14.00 Grilled Lamb Chops with garlic sauce... $15.00 Broiled Salmon with lemon butter... $12.00 Steak & Grilled Shrimp.....$15.00 Spaghetti with Meat balls.... $9.00 Seafood Pasta..$10.00 Dessert Ice Cream (Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry)...$3.00 Blueberry Cheese Cake.....$5.00 Apple Pie.....$4.00 Drinks Coffee $2.50 Coke, Pepsi, and Sprite....$2.50 Juice (Orange, Apple, or Cranberry)....$3.50 Wine (Red or White).... $5.50 You want to go to a very nice restaurant for a special dinner. Select a Conversation Partner to take phone calls for Dinner Reservations. Then have another student act as Hostess and seat the guests and give them the Menu. Finally, have your Waiter take your orders and serve the food. Don t forget to pay the bill... and leave a tip for the waiter!!! 108

109 Conversation Starter #8 Pardon The Interruption Two people practice starting a conversation and then another student comes over and interrupts their conversation. One of the students practices ending the conversation and leaving: Excuse me. Do you mind if I talk to Sherrie for a minute? Oh, no, not at all. I have to go anyway. Thank you so much! See you again soon. Have a nice day you two! You too! Then the person leaving becomes the interrupter and goes to find two other people that are having a conversation. This way you can practice starting, conversations at the same time. 109 ending, and interrupting

110 Conversation Starter #9 What s For Dinner Tonight? What are we having for dinner tonight? I don t know. What do you want? I don t know either. How about fish? O.K. We haven t had fish for a long time. Find a classmate and start a conversation. Ask them what they are going to have for dinner tonight. Then ask them what they had for dinner last night. Tell them about your meals. Student Name Last Night Plans For Tonight

111 Conversation Starter #10 Would You Repeat That Please? I ve been studying veganism. I don t know that word. How do you spell it? V E G A N I S M. I m afraid that I don t understand. Can you tell me the meaning? Oh, sure. That s when you don t eat any animal products. Well, what are some examples of things that you can eat? Spelling Meaning Examples Your Teacher will give you a card with words that the other students do not know. They have to ask you questions about your word until they understand all about it. Then you have to ask questions about their card. *Sample Cards are on Page #

112 Conversation Starter #11 What s wrong? / What s the matter? You don t look well. What s wrong with you? I ve had a headache and a sore throat since last night. Well, maybe you caught a cold. You should take an aspirin and drink hot tea with lemon. Examples of Symptoms sore throat sprained wrist have allergies stomach flu bad cough a bad burn stomachache toothache rash cut have a fever Examples of Advice apply lotion take a blood test need an operation cough syrup take pain medicine drink fluids pregnancy test hot tea with lemon take an aspirin get some rest chicken soup see a doctor Ask your partner about their symptoms and give some advice!! 112

113 Conversation Starter #12 How Often Do You.....? How often do you work-out? Three times a week. What about you? Me? Never! I m in such bad shape. Well, it s never too late to start working out you know. Frequency words Never Sometimes Often Twice a week Everyday Always Usually Not very often A couple of times a year Once a day Find a classmate and start a conversation. Ask how often they do these activities. You can also add some more questions that you want to ask. Activity Speak English Check your Go shopping Go to school Go out to eat Clean your house Take a shower Call your mother Classmate s Name 113 How Often?

114 Conversation Starter #13 Helping Or Hurting? With your classmates make a list of things Helping you get to your Goal. Then make a list of things Hurting you and keeping you from getting to your Goal. *Look at Page #101 to review your Goal! Now work together to find Solutions to your Problems. How can you help each other to reach your Goals? 114

115 Conversation Starter #14 The Best Place To Vacation. June, I heard that you are going to visit my country next month. Yes, but I don t know where to go. Where do you recommend? Well, actually there are a lot of good places to go in my country. But I don t have a lot of time. So, where is the best place to go? Find a Conversation Partner that is from a country different from the country where you were born. Now ask them to tell you about the best place to go on vacation in their country. Ask for all the information that you would need to see everything and do everything on vacation. Have them draw you a map: Remember you can only visit one time so you have to go to the best place. Now tell them about the best place to go on vacation in your country! 115

116 Conversation Starter #15 How Do I Get To...? A: Excuse me. Is there a hotel near here? B: Yes, there s a hotel on the corner of 1st Ave. and Beach Drive. A: How do I get there from the Post Office? B: At the traffic light, turn right and go straight ahead. It s on your right. *Ask your conversation partner how to get to 3 different places/from 3 different places.using the expressions below. Where would I find the? Would you tell me the best way to? Turn right onto /Make a right turn onto. Next to At the end of In front of Around the corner At the stop sign At the stoplight Go straight ahead. Go all the way to Between On the corner Behind. When you get to Sorry, I don t live around here. 116

117 Conversation Starter #16 What Would You Like To Do? Hey Bobby! Would you like to go for a bike ride in the park? I d like to but I can t. I have to go to the supermarket with my mom. Maybe we can do it after you get back. Give me a call, O.K.? O.K. But it might be pretty late before we get back. Think of something that you would like to do... and something that you have to do. Now find a classmate and ask them to tell you what they would like to do and what they have to do. Student Name Like To Do Have To Do

118 Conversation Starter #17 At The Post Office Hello. I would like to get a post office box for my new business. Certainly. I just need you to fill out this application for me. O.K. May I borrow a pen, please? Of course, there s one over there on the counter you can use. APPLICATION FOR POST OFFICE BOX FULL NAME (First) (Middle) (Last) SEX M F COLOR EYES COLOR HAIR DATE OF BIRTH / / HEIGHT WEIGHT (Month/Day/Year) MAILING ADDRESS APT. # CITY STATE ZIP CODE TELEPHONE # ( ) - SIGNATURE Now find a Conversation Partner and exchange forms. Write a letter to your Conversation Partner. Say something ice about them in your letter. Get an envelope from your Teacher. Address the envelope and put the letter inside. Give the letter to your Teacher. 118

119 Conversation Starter #18 Talking About The Wedding. I heard that Sara just got married! Yes, the wedding was last Sunday. It must have been a beautiful wedding. It was, and the music was terrific. Oh! I m sure she was a beautiful bride. Bring in pictures from your wedding (or your parents wedding) to share with the class. Show the other students your wedding pictures and answer these questions: 1. How did you meet? Was it Love at first sight? 2. How did he propose marriage? 3. Describe the wedding. 4. Where did you get married? 5. Where did you go on your Honeymoon? 6. How long have you been married now? Now find another student with wedding pictures to enjoy! 119

120 Conversation Starter #19 What are we going to do tonight? Hey, it s Friday. What are we going to do tonight? I want to go out dancing. What about you? I feel like dinner and a movie. How about pizza at Adolfo s and then we go dancing! Write down three things you might want to do tonight. (1) (2) (3) Find a conversation partner and ask them what they want to do tonight. Then, tell your partner about your plans. Decide what you and your partner can do together. 120

121 Conversation Starter #20 Talking About Last Weekend. Hi. How was your weekend? Actually, it was really great! Really? What did you do? We went to San Francisco and saw a play. Oh! That must have been so much fun! Find a classmate and start a conversation. Ask them to tell you what they did last weekend. Student Name Did Last Weekend Now tell them what you did last weekend! 121

122 Conversation Starter #21 Talking About Next Weekend. What are your plans for next weekend? I m not sure yet. But I would really like to go to the beach. That sounds like fun! I have to stay home. I have a lot of work to do. Well, that doesn t sound like any fun at all! Find a classmate (preferably one that doesn t speak your language) and start a conversation. Ask them what they are going to do next weekend. Student Name Plans For Next Weekend Now tell them what you are going to do next weekend! 122

123 Conversation Starter #22 Have you ever gone to? Have you ever gone to Australia? Yes, I went there last year for a week. You did! Where all did you go and what did you do? I went to the Sydney Opera House. It was so beautiful. Find a Conversation Partner and then ask them if they have ever gone to any country (or city) on the map. Then, ask as many questions as you can think of about their trip. Now tell them about a place you have gone and let them ask you questions about your trip. 123

124 Conversation Starter #23 Plans For Your Vacation. Do you have any plans for your vacation? I m planning on going to Europe with my family. How about you? I m not sure but I m thinking about camping at Lake Tahoe. That sounds like a lot of fun! Write three things that you want to do during vacation (1) (2) (3) Find a classmate and start a conversation. Ask about their plans for vacation and tell them your plans, too!! Student Name 1 Plans for Vacation

125 Conversation Starter #24 Talking About Music Do you like music? Oh yes! I really like music! Do you play a musical instrument? Well, I play the piano a little. But I m not very good. What kind of music do you listen to usually? Name Type of Music Favorite Artist Favorite Song Now find someone who likes the same type of music that you like. 125

126 Conversation Starter #25 Education And Work Experience Well, I went to High School in Oregon. But I studied Accounting at the University of California in San Diego. with a manufacturing company. My first job was But right now I am not working. I would like to find something in advertising. Find a Conversation Partner and complete all the information about their Education and Work Experience. Then let them complete the chart about your experience. School Company Dates Attended Job Title Dates Subjects Studied Salary Duties Now work with your Classmate to prepare a Resume! 126

127 Conversation Starter #26 Talking About The Future So, Carol, what will you do after school is finished? I have a job lined-up in a small dress shop downtown. Oh! That sounds like a very good experience. Yes, I have to save some money to go to college. Why? What do you want to study? Fashion Design. I want to have my own line of clothes. Find out what your Classmates are going to do in the future: Student Name Next Year 5 Years 10 Years Now! Tell the Class about their hopes and dreams! 127

128 Conversation Starter #27 Tell Me About Yourself You are interviewing students for a job. Ask them to tell you all about themselves. You are to write down everything they tell you. Which student is the best candidate for the job? Well, I was born in Thailand. Singapore. But I studied Engineering in I have seven sisters and two brothers, and I really like sailing and golf. Someday, I would like to work in Europe. Applicant #1 Applicant #2 Applicant #3 Now report your findings to the class! 128

129 Evaluating Your Accomplishments Go back to Page #1 and look at your written goal. How would you describe your progress toward reaching your goal? Where do you think you are today? Answer the following questions: Yes No 1 I feel comfortable talking to my neighbors in English. 2 I have no problem speaking English with my boss at work. 3 On the telephone speaking English is easy. 4 Talking to Teachers at School is enjoyable in English. 5 When shopping I can get information in English. 6 At the Bank, Post Office and Library I can speak English. 7 With the Doctor or at the Hospital I do not need a translator. 8 I can go to a Job Interview and speak only English. 9 If a friend has a problem I can translate for them. 10 Mr. Stan s is the best English Language Program ever! Thank You for using Mr. Stan s English Language Program!!! 129

130 Messages For Your Teacher. Appendix for Conversation Starter #5... His soccer game is canceled. You can t meet with him at two o clock tomorrow You want him to call you. You have to work tomorrow and cannot come to class. His Dentist appointment has His Doctor appointment has been moved to three o clock. been moved to Thursday. You will come to school next You will return his CD Friday to talk to him. tomorrow. You found his wallet. You need the money that he borrowed from you. Does he want free tickets to the Theater on Sunday?. His class has been canceled because of bad weather. His mother is home from the Your child is sick so you have to Hospital and wants him to visit. go to the Doctor. You missed the test and want to It is his Birthday and you want reschedule a time to take it. to wish him a Happy Birthday. 130

131 Appendix for Conversation Starter #6... Reasons Your car won t start. For Your Call. You have to work through lunch today for a big meeting later. You have to stop at the bank to Your child is sick and you have get some money. to go see the Doctor. You are stuck in traffic and you are going to be very late. Your Mother s Doctor appointment is changed to today. Your cousin from out of town is You need directions to the calling from the airport. restaurant and are on the way. You have to take the cat to the You forgot all about your Dental Veterinarian. appointment today. An old boyfriend (girlfriend) You are not feeling very well wants to have lunch with you. today and may be sick. Your husband s (wife s) mother Your husband (wife) just invited is in the hospital. their boss to dinner tonight. Your Boss just called and wants You haven t finished your you to come in to work. homework yet! 131

132 Appendix for Conversation Starter #10... Would You Repeat That Please? Woodwinds Meaning: belonging or relating to a group of pipe-shaped musical instruments which are played by blown through a thin flattened tube at one end or across a hole near one end. Examples: Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Saxophone Percussion Meaning: musical instruments that you play by hitting them with your hand or object such a stick. Examples: Piano, Drum, Tambourine Brass Meaning: musical instruments made of metal and played by blowing. Examples: Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba Strings Meaning: a thin wire or cord which is stretched across a musical instrument and is used to produce a range of notes which depend on its thickness, length and tightness. Examples: Violin, Cello, Guitar Amphibian Meaning: Animal which lives both on land and in water but must lay its eggs in water. Examples: Frog, Newt, Toad Reptile Meaning: an animal which produces eggs and uses the heat of the sun to keep its blood warm. Examples: Alligator, Crocodile, Rattlesnake, Turtle, Lizard Mammal Meaning: any animal of which the female gives birth to babies, not eggs, and feeds them on milk from her own body. Examples: Whale, Seal, Otter, Dolphin and Human Beings! 132

133 ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stan Burmich earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) from Ohio University and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Stanford University. He lived in France for three years studying French and then worked in International Sales and Marketing positions for large high-tech multi-national companies for more than 20 years traveling extensively. He has been teaching ESL for the last 10 years and is the author of several language books. Mr. Stan s English Language Program has been translated into 30 different languages and is used by students around the world. His belief that people of any age can acquire the perfect accent in any language if given the proper material and teaching method resulted in the creation of a bi-lingual accent reduction program that stresses the 1000 most frequently used words in the English language. By utilizing scientifically research proven methods that have only been discovered in the last couple of years, students can learn English much more quickly and develop an excellent American English Accent in less time than ever thought possible before. For more information visit:

134 Textbook includes an Audio CD Program with 40 Dialogues of typical American situations using the 1000 most frequently used words in English. All words are presented in-context and are perfect for an English only immersion program. Conversation Starters are designed to give you Chunks of English in high frequency situations such as taking a telephone message. The places where you will have to use English every day in the same way. Audacity voice recording software is a like having a tape recorder on your computer. You can practice whole sentences or single words over and over. You can get instant feedback on your accent by recording the dialogues along with the original and comparing them side-by-side. English Rhythms let you practice your accent and target specific sounds that may give you problems such as the TH sounds or the L or R sounds. You can repeat as often as necessary to get the perfect American English accent. This unique combination of practice formats is a research based system and has been scientifically shown to both speed up English language learning and to ensure proper pronunciation from the very beginning. U.S.$60.00/Canada $69.00











ĐNGĐLĐZCE DE EN SIK KULLANILAN 3000 KELĐME B. SAMĐ DĐLMAN ĐNGĐLĐZCE DE EN SIK KULLANILAN 3000 KELĐME B. SAMĐ DĐLMAN Grup 1 (Gruplar sık kullanılma önceliğine göre dizilmiştir) 1. about 2. after 3. again 4. air 5. all 6. along 7. also 8. an 9. and 10. another


Günlük alışkanlaıklarımızı ve günlük yaptığımız yani geçmişte yaptığımız, şu an devam eden ve ileride deyapacağımız alışkanlıklarımız için.

Günlük alışkanlaıklarımızı ve günlük yaptığımız yani geçmişte yaptığımız, şu an devam eden ve ileride deyapacağımız alışkanlıklarımız için. THE ENGLISH VERB TENSES "Be" fiilini asıl fiil olarak kullanabileceğimiz başlıca üç kalıp vardır: a) be + noun b) be + adjective c) be + prepositional phrase I am a teacher. They are students. She is a


GCSE Turkish Vocabulary List. a lot, much, many. about, roughly, approximately

GCSE Turkish Vocabulary List. a lot, much, many. about, roughly, approximately Turkish Vocabulary List bir düzina yarım A level öğrencisi biraz çok bir çift bir çeyrek, dörtte bir yaklaşık yurt dışı yatacak yer karşıdan karşıya erkek / kadın oyuncu aktör/aktrist adres giriş ücreti


Turkish Vocabulary List

Turkish Vocabulary List Turkish Vocabulary List acaip acı açık açık açık hava açlık açmak adam adı adil adres affedersiniz afiş, poster afiyet olsun ağ ağaç ağır ağız ahududu aile akarsu, dere akraba, hısım akşamleyin alabalık


TO BE. I amà I m You areà You re He isà he s She isà she s It isà it s We are-à we re You areà you re They areàthey re

TO BE. I amà I m You areà You re He isà he s She isà she s It isà it s We are-à we re You areà you re They areàthey re TO BE To be fiili her ne kadar sözlük anlamıyla olmak demekse de geniş zamanda kullanıldığı zaman tam karşılığı Türkçe de cins isimlerin sonuna gelen -ım-ın-um-sın-sin-dır-dir-dur-iz-ız-uz-siniz-sunuz


TURKISH BASIC COURSE. Volume III Lessons 17 24. Updated from DLI January 2006

TURKISH BASIC COURSE. Volume III Lessons 17 24. Updated from DLI January 2006 TURKISH BASIC COURSE Volume III Lessons 17 24 Updated from DLI January 2006 PREFACE These drills are taken from the DLI basic course and revised for current word usage and context. The use of drills is


İÇİNDEKİLER Çeviri Üzerine Notlar... İngilizce Dilbilgisi Özeti...

İÇİNDEKİLER Çeviri Üzerine Notlar... İngilizce Dilbilgisi Özeti... İNGİLİZCE ÇEVİRİ KILAVUZU A Guidebook for English Translation Yrd. Doç. Dr. İsmail Boztaş Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kocaman / Ziya Aksoy Çeviride temel sorunlar Tümce yapılarına göre düzenlenmiş çeviri örnekleri


Contents Secondary Courses / 2 Secondary Supplementary / Secondary Readers / Dictionaries / Deutsch Als Fremdsprachen / Picture Dictionary /

Contents Secondary Courses / 2 Secondary Supplementary / Secondary Readers / Dictionaries / Deutsch Als Fremdsprachen / Picture Dictionary / Contents Secondary Courses / Ortaöğretim Ders Kitapları Secondary Supplementary / Ortaöğretim Yardımcı Kitaplar Secondary Readers / Ortaöğretim Hikâye Kitapları Dictionaries / Sözlükler Deutsch Als Fremdsprachen


Contents: İçindekiler :

Contents: İçindekiler : Contents: 2-Editorial 3-From the NEO 4-Exchange in Romania 8-Exchange in Turkey from the aspect of an incoming student 10-Exchange in Mexico 14- Interview with Dr. Karahan 18-Exchange in Japan 22-Being


The Robert College Trustees have a practice of going on

The Robert College Trustees have a practice of going on CONTENTS I Alumni Association News I Bizim Tepe Page 4 Page 6 I Faculty Former Headmaster Neil Bull talks to Ferda Tarzi ACG 71, about education and his past years at RC. Page 8 I Söyleşi Page 16 I Cover



ANATOLIAN VOICE KURBAN BAYRAMI. By: Mete Gencyuz ANATOLIAN VOICE A Publication of the Turkish American Cultural Association of Michigan (TACAM) Winter - Spring 2005 KURBAN BAYRAMI Year 7 Issue 21 By: Mete Gencyuz The Voice of the Turkish American Community!








Güçlü bireyler. Güçlü toplumlar. Konuşma Metinleri

Güçlü bireyler. Güçlü toplumlar. Konuşma Metinleri Güçlü bireyler. Güçlü toplumlar. Konuşma Metinleri Önsöz Kamal Malhotra BM Türkiye Mukim Koordinatörü ve UNDP Türkiye Mukim Temsilcisi Teknoloji ile yeni medyanın dünyada ve Türkiye de sosyal fayda girişimlerine


Ocak January 2015 01

Ocak January 2015 01 Ocak January 2015 01 editöreditor kimse arasında ayrımcılık yapmayan bir işverendir. Yeni bir güne başlarken herkes aynı sayıda saat ve dakikalara sahiptir. Zaman, Örneğin zenginler parayla daha fazla


Science Of Storytelling

Science Of Storytelling > INTRODUCTION SUNUŞ Salih Uyan Science Of Storytelling Hikâye Anlatım Bilimi In 1748, the British politician and aristocrat John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, spent a lot of his free time playing



8. 2 ÜNİTE İNGİLİZCE - I İÇİNDEKİLER HEDEFLER WHERE'S HE GONE? Dilbilgisi: Present Perfect WHERE'S HE GONE? İÇİNDEKİLER Dilbilgisi: Present Perfect Tense Dinleme & Konuşma: Bulunduğumuz Ortamdan Kısa Bir Zaman Önce Ayrılan Biri ve Yurtdışına Yapılan Bir Seyahat Hakkında Konuşma Okuma: Üniversitedeki


ESCADA SPORT CONTENTS. Leyla Aktay Alumni and Development Office

ESCADA SPORT CONTENTS. Leyla Aktay Alumni and Development Office CONTENTS Alumni Association News Arnavutköy and the Robert College Alumni Association members say, "No" to a third Bosphorus Bridge. Page 2 Fund Raising Page 6 Cover The first student produced RC CD-ROM


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AloBankayla bankanız, 24 saat telefonunuzun ucunda. Ve hizmet veriyor! AloBankayla bankanız, 24 saat telefonunuzun ucunda. Ve hizmet veriyor! Bankacılık işlemlerinizde, rahatlığı, kolaylığı, çağı yaşamak istediğinizde, ister yurtiçinde olun, ister yurtdışında, 180 01 01 'i


T he RC community will welcome two new headmasters in the

T he RC community will welcome two new headmasters in the CONTENTS Alumni Association News Page 4 Bizim Tepe Page 6 Cover RC hosts Metropia- A model European Assembly convened at RC Page 8 Memories RC graduates tell us what they remember most about their graduation






ONU SEÇMENİZ İÇİN 10 İYİ NEDENİNİZ VARDI... "Şimdi O'nun zamanı" ONU SEÇMENİZ İÇİN 10 İYİ NEDENİNİZ VARDI......VE ONBİRİNCİYİ SİZ YARATTINIZ. YÜKSEK PRESTİJ Bilgisayar dünyasına girdiği günden bu yana on üstün niteliğiyle güveninizi kazanan ANTSYS'in


Haziran June Juin Junio Juni Junio 2014 08 02

Haziran June Juin Junio Juni Junio 2014 08 02 Haziran June Juin Junio Juni Junio 2014 08 02 editöreditor Bu evrensel bir gerçek: Hayatını ne kadar kontrol altında tutmaya çalışsan da hiçbir zaman her şey istediğin gibi gitmeyecek. Hayat, bizden her



TEMEL SORU KİTAPÇIĞI ÖSYM 1-16062012-1-1165-1-00000000 TEMEL SORU KİTAPÇIĞI AÇIKLAMA 1. Bu kitapçıkta Lisans Yerleştirme Sınavı-5 Yabancı Dil (İngilizce) Testi bulunmaktadır. 2. Bu test için verilen cevaplama süresi 120 dakikadır.


TELVE. Kalplerinde ve Ellerinde 23 Nisan April 23rd in their hearts and hands. Bu Sayıda-In this issue

TELVE. Kalplerinde ve Ellerinde 23 Nisan April 23rd in their hearts and hands. Bu Sayıda-In this issue TELVE VOLUME: 4 ISSUE: 23 Kalplerinde ve Ellerinde 23 Nisan April 23rd in their hearts and hands Bu Sayıda-In this issue Editörden...S/P: 2 From the Editor Sick Kids Hospital de 23 Nisan Kutlaması Tuba


Karar Roy Hilligoss. Decision Roy Hilligoss

Karar Roy Hilligoss. Decision Roy Hilligoss E Decision Roy Hilligoss ven after a year, Chad still called us Aunt Pat and Uncle Bill. But we thought our job had become that of mother and father until that letter arrived from the 6 th Artillery headquarters



Bülten TÜRKİYE DE MODADA PARLAMA SIRASI TURKEY IS READY TO SHINE SAYFA PAG E. Bartoli SPA Giorgio Bartoli SAYFA PAGE. Ege Taban Vedat Barlık Bülten Palamut Group BULLETIN PALAMUT GROUP BÜLTEN BULLETIN Sayı Number 3 Eylül September 2014 MODADA PARLAMA SIRASI TÜRKİYE DE moda globalleşiyor. Türk tasarımcı ve üreticisi yeterli eğitim ve destekle